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I have signup as an Instructor at and licenced them to use all my materials without a cost, what the difference is that you will not have an instructor to guide you compared to the free course. I will not be the one creating the video course or the instructor of the course as I do not have the time in order to achieve my objectives. However I can devote my time to answer questions and provide consultancy so that every student will find success.

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Gary Vaynerchuk Chairman of VaynerX, CEO of VaynerMedia, 5-Time NYT Bestselling Author

People ask me all the time how to build great culture in a company .. here’s how: When you have an employee that makes all the other employees miserable, fire them. Even if he or she is your top salesperson, your best developer, or even your cofounder. If tell your people that you care about them, but you “look the other way” when certain employees are mean to everyone else, you’re sending a very clear message. Please – if you’re a manager or leader, watch this video. hr culture startups management