We can Vote for Change, nothing is impossible

The PAP currently does not have the support of the middle ground voters. If they had support of middle Singapore, they would have already called for a general elections.

The PAP voters are around 30% to 35% of voters.

The opposition voters are about 25% to 30%.

This leaves 35% to 45% voters who would vote for sensible, logical, reasonable & rational policies which will help them in their day to day lives such as cost of living, cost of essentials such as food, water, electricity & transport. Opportunities such as education, employment & entrepreneurial.

The idea is to reach out to & relate with that group of voters.

Most of middle Singapore are HDB dwellers, 78.7% of us live in HDBs according to latest Singstat data. With a proportion living in 3 room flats 17.6%, 4 room flats 31.7% & 5 room flats 23.2%.

This is were the battle of the hearts & minds should be targeted at.

Middle Singapore is not exclusively made up of political elites from the establishment like ex army generals, career bureaucrats turned politicians or the life time university resident who studied in the university, became a researcher in the university & became a lecturer / professor in the university having never left the domain of university campuses.

The common ground and theme of these majority of people who make up the establishment are that they never did a proper job in the real world. Never bought, sold or traded goods & services as a profession for a living a single day of their lives. Totally disconnected, disengaged & clueless with the average ordinary person as to how they lead their lives.

This post is dedicated to reaching out to each & every Singaporean who lives & works in the real world. The real people, the ordinary people, the average people, the hard working people, the decent people.

The hawkers, the taxi drivers, the PHV drivers (Grab drivers, Gojek drivers, Ryde drivers), the food deliverers (Grab, Deliveroo & Foodpanda motorcycle & bicycle couriers), security guards, cleaners, people in the agency businesses such as real estate & property agents, financial agents like insurance & investment agents, employment, HR, recruitment & talent agents.

Generally people who make up the government & private sector of the rank & file positions, supervisory, junior management & middle management.

If enough of us are willing to stand up to the establishment, the elites & our leaders, the impossible becomes possible. Nothing is impossible. We could take back our rights such as democractic, social, political, economical & human rights.

We could beat the system, the big businesses & global corporatism. We can support small business in the SME sector to set up new businesses, grow existing small companies & employment citizens. We need to make rental affordable again, so that there is enough money to pay employees after paying the already rich landlords.

We need to vote for change to take back control of our country. We need to make Singapore our home again.

I hope that you would Like, Comment & Share this post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, any and all media platforms to reach out to our fellow Singaporeans.

We don’t have big media, newspapers or news channels to get the message out.

These are real issues in Singapore faced by real people.

What is the future of our young Singaporeans?

Why the future for the young is bleak under PAP
Protected August 27th, 2019 | Author: Contributions
The future for our young will be bleak under the PAP.


Here are my reasons:

a) The cost of living is too high. It has increased significantly over the past few decades. They are fueled by high property prices, increase in GST, inefficiency and high operating cost.

b) Young people will find it difficult to get jobs due to competition from foreign workers. Employers prefer to engage foreign workers who are willing to accept lower wages and do not face the disruption caused by NS reservist duty.

c) HDB flats are costly. This is mitigated to some extent by government grants, but the net cost is still beyond the budget of many working families, even when both spouses work.

d) Even those who are able to get jobs that pay well face the risk of losing these jobs for a variety of reasons. When they lose a good paying job, it will be difficult for them to get another job that pays well.

e) Many young people find it difficult to buy a HDB flat, even with grant from the govt and support from their parents. They delay getting married or remain single. They find it costly to raise children. Some prefer to have no children or just one child.

It is a bleak future for young people in Singapore. We may not be as bad as Hong Kong, but our problems face by young people are still quite daunting. If their parents are affluent, they may not feel the impact yet. Those without affluent parents will find it hard to meet the high cost of housing and the high cost of living.

Many young people have jobs that pay reasonably well. But they will soon realize that this financial security is uncertain. They only need to look at the people who lose their jobs when they become older. They should ponder – what if this happens to me?

The solution is to have a new government, whether PAP or another party, that pursue different economic strategy. The new strategy should focus on reducing the cost of living, and giving better job security for our locals. It also has to address many other challenges that were not solved by the PAP government. Indeed, these challenges were aggravated over the years.

Our young people should ask – do we want to see more of the same economic strategy, or should we make changes to the strategy? Do we want to vote for change?

Tan Kin Lian

Why the PAP ideology is now outdated. Today it is Human Capital and Talents

WHY THE PAP GOVT IS MONEY MINDED: it is PAP philosophy since the begining. When Dr Goh Keng Swee was Minister of Finance he even washed his own underwear when travelling overseas. Making money and saving money is foundational to PAP ideology.

A civil servant who makes money for the govt is valued. So everyone tries very hard and use all their intelligence to justify the taxes, fees, charges etc.

Money is virtue! Saving and making money is the highest virtue. Spending money is sinful! This is PAP philosophy from then till now. Jewel is one exception but then again it is investment to bring in more tourist dollar!

If you are not rich you have no virtue. If you are poor it is because you have squandered your talents and opportunities. To help you is therefore to endorse your slothfulness and your stupidity. This is soul destroying.

Handouts must therefore be stingy and to be very suspicious.

Govt is not evil. It is just being prudent and truthful to its operating ideology – accumulating money is virtue!

What the people of HK need to learn about their protests

The below piece is written by Dr Patrick Liew and I totally agree with him. With violence what do you acheived in the end when the state of economy in Hong Kong collapses and many will lose their jobs? Contributed by Oogle.

Protest Like Hong Kongers?

I would rather have the freedom to value-add and contribute to the growth of the country than the freedom to destroy the economy and society.

I would rather have the freedom to speak responsibly than the freedom to stop others from traveling properly in public transportation and private vehicles.

I would rather have the freedom to act honourably than the freedom to harass passers-by, the elderly, women, tourists, and the police.

I would rather have the freedom to volunteer for initiatives to take our people forward than the freedom to prevent others from going to work and running their businesses properly.

I would rather have the freedom to live in a society that abides by law and order than the freedom to destroy public and private belongings.

I would rather have the freedom to move around the country safely than the freedom to cause frustrations, anger and fear.

I would rather have the freedom to speak up against the authorities and propose solutions than the freedom to insist that they abide by our expectations and aspirations.

I would rather have the freedom to engage in appropriate dialogues and consultations than the freedom to blindly adopt western-style democracy without any details on how to make that system work in our unique culture and society.

I would rather have the freedom to help my own country than the freedom to ask foreign countries to interfere with and influence the governance of my country.

I would rather have the freedom to transform a piece of rock, with hardly any natural resources, into a liveable and lovable country than the freedom to destroy peace and progress.


Can Singapore follow Shenzhen progress? The Singapore Govt does not have a clue to achieve it

We are at least 5 years behind where Shenzhen’s model will be followed closely by the rest of the world where applications may be called by a different name with a local flavour but the use is the same. Contributed by Oogle.

This sobering article gets to the core of many of the conflicts we see around the world and the changes happening.

Authoritarian regimes and everything they stand for are being rejected globally as people become educated and informed and understand what they stand for but the regimes, for many selfish reasons, resist any form of compromise or change which inevitably leads to conflict.

This process is accelerated by the masses now seeing the rest of the world as direct comparisons to themselves as well as experiencing extreme rich poor divides at home as the authoritarians enrich themselves at the expense of those they oppress and can no longer hide this Hard Truth anymore.

In the Singapore context we must hope that either our current rulers, who are showing all the signs of preparing to oppress physically if their mind games eventually fail, come to their senses and change course before the tipping point is reached or the people awake en’masse and use the small democratic window they have left to throw them of at the ballot box.

I am still surprised that there is not enough wisdom and courage left within the ruling party ranks to stand up to those who want to rule by a combination of widespread force (either psychological or physical) on the ground and what amounts to little more than legalized bribery at other levels.

Surely they must see that this is unsustainable and only genuine leadership and taking care of all and not just your own is the future across the planet and if we do not adopt this path we will have no future within it?

They could oppress for a time, maybe even long enough to let the “people” die off or emigrate but who would replace them? The foreigners they are banking on (and they are already flooding in to replace us with) will eventually not wish to be part of this and other countries will no longer accept such trading partners. Then what happens to their Machiavellian plans for total ownership and domination?

Singapore will end due to a mixture of greed, hubris, ego, incompetence and a stubbornness to know when it is time to step aside and for what? Most of them have already enriched themselves with enough wealth for many lifetimes and yet still they want more?

Either they must wake up or we collectively do else we face either quiet extinction under iron rule or going out with a Hong Kong’eseque bang under state sanctioned violence in 5 to 10 years time when our tipping point is reached.

Either way without a change of course Singapore is finished it is just a matter of time.

This is what has happened for thousands of years when dynastic rulers and dictators have risen and still continues true today. For all our “education” can’t we learn this simple fact of history?

Warning ; You cannot monetise your Old HDB flat, it is only meant for use

In May 2019, the government relaxed rules for older people looking to buy old flats using more money from their CPF accounts. The aim of amending the rules was primarily to improve the demand for older flats, so that the value of older flats may be maintained for longer.

One of the examples quoted in the Ministry of Manpower’s press release described a couple, John (age 48) and Jane (age 45), who is buying an old 4-room flat with 50 years left on the lease. The age of Jane, the youngest buyer, and the remaining lease equals to 95 years in total, satisfying the new criteria for using CPF to fund their purchase in full. The price of the flat is $430,000. Under the new rules, all $430,000 may be paid from the couple’s CPF accounts. Under the previous rules, CPF usage was capped at 80% of the value of the old flat, i.e. $344,000. Thus, the new rules allow the buyers an increase of $86,000 CPF usage.

Market watchers were quick to highlight the benefits of the change of rules, pointing out that the new rules will “help unlock values of older houses that were artificially depressed by the previous CPF rules.” (Source: “A CPF key to unlocking values of older homes”, TODAY, 11 August 2019)

The values of older flats will be unlocked. Really? What gives?

All we need is to run a deficit for 5 years but the Govt has no good ideas to use our reserves to solve problems, just push all problems to it’s citizens by inflating everything with bad policies

Do not leave debts to the next generation – draw on the Reserves now ! Why are we keeping the reserves for gambling only ???

Minister Chan Chun Sing said that accountability means not leaving debts to the next generation. I think that a better term to describe it is – financial responsibility.

This implies that a person is not financially responsible when he or she have to leave debts to the next generation.

Debts could be caused by spending beyond one’s means. However, it can also be caused by events beyond one’s control.

Here are some examples:

a) The family incurs a large debt due to medical bills

b) The family loses a lot of money on bad investments that were sold by approved institutions. These include the credit linked notes that went bad during the global financial crisis in 2008, the structured products that are now being sold by the banks and the recent Hyflux preference shares and perpetual securities.

c) The family over-invested in expensive HDB flats bought on the resale market which eventually have no value on expiry of the lease.

In all these cases, the government could have played a more effective role in looking after the interest of ordinary people and ensure that they are not taken advantage by more sophisticated parties.

If the government fails in this duty and responsibility, it is not acting to the standard of accountability that is expected.

KL Tan