Windows Phone 8 to arrive on all Windows Phone 7 devices


Some folks have held off the purchase of Windows Phone 7 devices simply because they are not sure whether Windows Phone 8 will be available as an update or not in the future. Well, it is time to make an informed decision now that you heard from the horse’s mouth, as Nuno Silva, Microsoft evangelist, shared over an interview that Windows Phone 8 (also known as Apollo) will be arriving on all current handsets as an update in due time.As to the exact dates of Windows Phone 8 updates hitting the various devices, that remains to be seen since plenty of kinks still need to be worked out. Do bear in mind though that while Microsoft did not come up with an official statement to back up Nuno’s statements, whatever was shared should be taken with a grain of salt. Check out the clip with Nuno Silva above for more details. Needless to say, while current hardware could run on Windows Phone 8, that will still mean some of the other features found in Windows 8 may be be inaccessible – such as support for higher resolution and a speedier performance, thanks to multi-core processors. I guess the saving grace is this: you may not need to make any hardware upgrade at all. With this bit of news out, has it helped nudge you towards making the correct purchase decision, or would you rather wait for a native Windows Phone 8 device?

Key features of four editions of Windows 8

April 16, 2012 09:48pm EST  
Microsoft on Monday revealed more details about the four editions of Windows 8 it will release when it makes its next operating system available later this year, including some key features that will be part of Windows RT, the SKU that’s optimized for ARM processors.
“First, Windows 8 is the official product name for the next x86/64 editions of Windows,” Brandon LeBlanc, Microsoft’s Windows communications manager, wrote on the official Windows blog.
Microsoft’s next OS for PCs and tablets powered by 32-bit and 64-bit x86 chips will come in two flavors, Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro, that can be purchased by consumers. Another edition of the x86-optimized Windows 8 will be made available to bulk purchasers, while the Windows on ARM (WOA) offering, Windows RT, comes in just one flavor and is only available as a pre-installed OS.
With just four editions, and just two that most consumers will have to make an active choice between, Microsoft is at last going the simple route with an OS release. Moving away from the multi-edition OS releases it’s done in recent years is sure to please critics who have complained that it can be difficult for the average user to know which of several versions of Windows is best for their needs. 

Who can uncover the entire story?

I have deliberately placed information all over the internet describing all events over a timeline. Only now you get all the links at one place. Who can uncover the entire story?

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Why drastic reforms is necessary to move Singapore from a profit centric model to a goal oriented model

Why drastic reforms is necessary to move Singapore from a profit centric model to a goal oriented model

From a profit centric model
That is what you will get
Whereby compromising all the other goals
Money is what you get but at what costs?
Outright GDP growth is a mistake a model
If you do not have a balanced approach
Match with the goals you want to achieve
You will have all the wrong policies
That is why Singapore is in a big mess
You need drastic reforms at all levels
To change the wrong direction
Be competitive in the global economy again
If I can fix the global economy
What is Singapore’s economy to me
I hate it when everybody treats me as a fool.

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The rise of the Electric Bikes

In a little over a decade, it would have bridged the 125-year lead that internal combustion engine (ICE) two-wheelers running on petrol have had in the market. The industry growth chart for the past decade tells the story. India is still to be a part of the phenomenal growth story scripted by China almost single-handedly.
In 1998, China commenced mass-producing electric bikes indigenously with 56,000 units made by a dozen producers. The world that year produced 42 million motorbikes, almost all fuelled by fossil fuels. By 2010, China had 2,000-odd manufacturers producing 30 million units a year to feed a rapidly-growing annual global market of $12 billion.
Unlike other export-oriented industries, China consumes 80% of its own production. It has over 150 million electric two-wheelers on the road while Europe, with 18 million units, comes a distant second. India, with 2,00,000 vehicles produced, is low down on the list. Hero Motors, Bajaj Auto, Lohia Machines and TVS, all big global two-wheeler brands, have missed a trick.
Sustainable Solution
In 2010, the world produced 60 million motorbikes that ran on fossil fuel and 32 million electric and hybrid two-wheelers. With a near average yearly growth of 20%, electric-powered units will close the gap by 2015, both producing 70 million units individually.
The world’s five largest motorcycle markets are China, India, Indonesia, Brazil and Vietnam, which together have three billion people who need low-cost, eco-friendly vehicles for daily commutes that do not guzzle expensive fossil fuels. Other emerging economies will soon latch on to the China growth story. Also, it is only a matter of time before solar batterries replace lead-acid, lanthanum and lithium ion ones.
“In China, electric bicycles have a moderating influence on the use of cars,” confirmed advocacy group The Clean Air Initiative for Asian Cities to The New York Times. As a result, there are five times more electric bikes on China’s roads than cars.
Most of these are low-powered units of 200 watts fitted with reusable lead acid batteries, typically costing RMB 2,400 yuan (less than $400), the average monthly pay of a Chinese worker. They are no-frills utility vehicles chugging steadily at 20 km an hour.
The workforce typically travels 50 km a day on single charge usually from home to workplace, and are said to save 150 million worker hours each day. By contrast, the US bike market is 82% for recreation with low average bike runs of 1,000 miles per year, against 12,000 miles per year driven by the American car user.

China’s 863 Programme
As per a recent UN iCET report, The Innovation Centre for Energy and Transport, China’s policy initiatives started with its State High-Tech Development Plan in 1986.
China was still poor, changing slowly from Mao-style communism to Deng-style market economics. Among the seven technology sector plans identified by Wang Ganchang and his team of engineers and endorsed by Deng Xiaoping was the energy plan that included the 863 Electric Drive Fuel Cell Vehicle Project.
Why Singapore needs to seriously consider the Electric Bike

Technologies has greatly improved the capacity of Battery operated Electric Bikes and the distance travelled which is suitable for a small country like Singapore, is cheap to produce and is environmentally friendly. The conversion of petrol stations with charging facilities will give rise to widespread use of electric cars and bikes, how many people realise the benefits of widespread use instead of relying on petrol driven cars and bikes, which can be as common as the bicycle.
Transport minister, are you sleeping on your job, just by relying on public transport of MRT, buses and taxis is not practical at times, you need to discourage the ownership of cars but not electric bikes. If you want to increase the flourishing of businesses, you should  bring the cost of transportation of good vehicles and the availability of commercial space and offices down.
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Remember there is no free lunch unless God provides

In paradise, everything is subsidized by the govt. School fees, university fees, all subsidized. Hospital bills, subsidized. Polyclinic bills, subsidized. Housing, more subsidies in terms of tens of thousands or at least $60k for those earning $1000 pm. Dunno how much subsidies for the bigger flats, but must be big. Public transport, also subsidized, the latest $1.1b to buy buses and pay staff salaries. PUB bills, conservancy bills also got subsidies but called rebates.
If these are subsidies, that means the govt is paying a large portion of the bills. The cost must be genuine and that is why there is a need to subsidise. Can someone work out how much would all the subsidies come to that are paid by the govt? I think it is no small amount. Or this is already provided in the budget under Subsidies?
If one flat is subsidized by $60k, 1,000 flat would mean $60 million. And for bigger flats, the subsidies could be more. Imagine how much the govt has subsidized for 800,000 HDB flats? Add the rest of the subsidies, it could come to billions.
We should call ourselves Subsidy Paradise. I am thinking of setting up a Subsidy Club. Everything in the Club is subsidized including meals, services, retails etc etc for as much as 70%. Membership fee is $200k. Monthly subscription fee is $1000. I think this is an excellent concept. Forgot to add, Membership fee is already subsidized and so is monthly subscription fee. Members no need to worry. This subsidy concept is perfectly sustainable in the long run.
The great subsidy game is one of the key factors that allows the thousands of millionaires to live their normal lives. Without the great subsidies, the millionaires will have to tighten their belts and may go begging. Can our asset rich millionaires survive without the subsidies? This is perhaps the only rich country in the world where millionaires have to live on subsidies.
I remember that a figure was thrown out claiming that an average Sinkie would receive something like half a million dollars of subsidies in his life time. Foreigners must quickly opt to become citizens and become recipients of half a million dollars just by becoming Singaporeans. Where on earth got such a good bargain?
Chua Chin Leng aka redbean
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Schizophrenia: Undifferentiated Subtype

Schizophrenia: Undifferentiated Subtype

The undifferentiated subtype is diagnosed when people have symptoms of schizophrenia that are not sufficiently formed or specific enough to permit classification of the illness into one of the other subtypes.
The symptoms of any one person can fluctuate at different points in time, resulting in uncertainty as to the correct subtype classification. Other people will exhibit symptoms that are remarkably stable over time but still may not fit one of the typical subtype pictures. In either instance, diagnosis of the undifferentiated subtype may best describe the mixed clinical syndrome.
What is the Truth?

When thought broadcasting initiate a response from the environment, it will lead you to believe in the paranoid, where conspiracy theories exists and if you respond to it, the changes that in fact take place becomes the truth, and the PRODUCTS that derived from it is really OUT OF THIS WORLD, just because the person has a disorder, doesn’t mean his works is nonsense, everybody is trying to play games to take advantage of this fact, but the fact is everything is REAL and not an ILLUSION, then continue to play games and the WORLD WILL LOSE OUT in the end.  
My schizophrenia does not affect me at all, it is in fact “in the spirit” where God reveals all his secrets to me, allowing me to create works that no man can, even looking into the future. Carry on and play games and the WORLD WILL REGRET IT. Nobody has the right to control me, or influenced anything I do, if you continue this nonsense, I am going to the highest courts in UN to seek redress. You can find out from my doctor if I am insane or not:

Dr Terence Leong – Neuroscience Clinic
National University Hospital

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