The Weapon that leaves No Evidence

The Weapon that leaves No Evidence

1) I can track and monitor you with your mobile, where you go, who you talk to, when you are near a computer or TV, listen to all your conversations.

2) And I can programme you with sublimal messages when you are on the Internet, or watching a TV programme.

3) It is Mind Control, and using the scanning of your eyes while you are looking at the monitor I can read your thoughts and broadcast them. None of your secrets is safe.

4) It is called brain washing and you will not even know it while you are awake, while you are asleep, I can even programme you to be my secret agent without you knowing and pass on the skills during REM.

5) Nobody in the entire is able to escape brain washing except me, I am totally immune to it. And there is totally not a shred of evidence I will leave behind.

– Contributed by Oogle.

PS : You can programme everyone to steal my inventions and dun pay me licence, mess with my bank account, stop me from going overseas, even create mayhem in your own country by killing so many people to protect your secrets, but now it is out in the open, and I dare to challenge you and take the entire world on, FUCK with me and I will promise you HELL If you look deeper into every conflict worldwide, how many are really “conflicts” or are caused by meddling?

Why was Taiwan fisherman shot? Because he tried to ram his boat at the Phillipine coast guards, now why did he do that? Was he provoked? Was he on Phillipine’s territory waters? Simple investigations can unravel many truths.

Swarm Combat Robots – By Land, By Air or By Sea

I already know how to commission a totally new breed of robots that can function in SWARMS or DROVES, that can fly, move over land and sea, and co-ordinate any form of attack or defence, and there are different models for different weapons, but they are all controlled by a commander with everything preprogrammed to meet any threats. – Contributed by Oogle.

Armageddon? Nay, it is too expensive to deploy an army of 1 million rifleman

Sitting ducks in the oceans?

There is no way the commander can know if a weapon targeted at it is real or a dummy, and he will response by firing at all targets, until he has no weapons, is he a “sitting duck?”
All Navy ships and aircraft carriers belong to WW2, nowadays, you can air drop an entire brigade anywhere in the world within a few hours, by the time your ships arrived, the game is over. And do not expect any ships to fly a flag when you encounter them, that is why I say you are “sitting ducks”.
It is too expensive to use 1 million rifleman to fight a war when technology has changed everything, Armageddon only exists with limited nuclear weapons, it is when man goes crazy and use it as artillery as nothing can withstand it’s destructive powers.
Amphibious vehicles that can travel air, land and sea will be common, even tanks will slowly become obsolete, Big brother is sleeping and can never be prepared for the security landscape of the 22nd century.
The battle of the 22nd century is electronic warfare, where technology will be the forefront of everything, unless you have an extremely large population as rifleman, you still only will use it as a last resort, and most likely to defend your own land, because it does not make economic sense. Who is the bogeyman? – Contributed by Oogle.

Do you know your enemy?

2 years but only 1 year is required, NS is used in the old days to deter aggression in the region, but what is happening today? How many really learn a skill that they can use when they finish NS? 10%? In the old days, numbers count in a war of armies, but today I can used a highly trained specialist group of 100 to defeat an army of 1000 or even 10000, it is the essential skills of the personnel I trained which will go beyond NS, beyond their careers, for a lifelong experience, and the use of knowledge, innovations and technologies.

Hint. My definition of combat engineers are other than the ability to build road and bridges, are also to dig trenches and underground tunnels, lay all kinds of booby traps, including electronic warefare. Similar to D.A.R.T in the Dallas US, I will setup a version to boost security in the bus terminals, MRT stations and airports, an immediate response team to investigate any lapses of security and sabotage, and I will rotate my staff at the ICA checkpoints every 3-6 months, so that there is totally no chance of corruption.
In today’s wars you do not fight on your own turf but your enemy’s, deploying advance forces to destroy all your enemy’s resources and capabilities before they can strike, but DO YOU KNOW YOUR ENEMY?

Actually the SPF and SCDF are heroes in my eyes, everyday they put their lives on the line to serve the people, but has not been awarded due recognition, what is SAF used for nowadays but to swap flies, at least the NAVY does patrol our territories. Many of these jobs are held by malays, neglect them that is why you took so long to capture Mas Selamat.

School of Thought

We lived today in the 22nd Century, where nobody is stupid enough to declare war on another country, most likely it will be guerrilla warfare by a group of trained specialist or terrorists, and 99% of the time, it will be our front personal like the police, the DART team who patrol the buses, mrt and airports, our navy who patrol our waters, will face the first attack, and before you can realised it, the damage is already done. How long normally will a conflict escalate? 1 day? 7 days or a month? Normally history will teach you that it exist for a long time, and never overnight. So based on your threat level, it is sometimes very stupid to keep an army, when a rapid attack force is better suited based on your circumstances, and a country like Singapore and Israel have different needs, and different response force, and different budgets and strategy to handle every threats. If I am in the United Nations will I handle things differently? Definitely, cause the world is evolving so fast, but many countries are left far behind, eg look how the US handle their threats, very badly.

Type of threats.

Scenerio 1. One of a cargo ship get attacked by pitrates and robbed, with all the crew killed. The Navt is the first to get to the scence. First who did it? Can the navy personnel handle forensics? Familar with the weapons used? If it was attacked by a terrorist organisation and threats are issued, what will be your response? If it was attacked by a group of pirates, and no threats are issued, what will be your response?

Scenerio 2. A commercial flight had crashed and all 100 passengers on board is dead, prior to the crash the radio tower had heard jamming signals before the plane vanished, and suspect it was attacked but nobody knew anything. What will be your response? Now you know why I mentioned the US is looking at all the wrong places, and putting the wrong personnel to handle the appropriate threats.

Scenerio 3. You are in HK and there is a group of robbers who use AK47 and hand grenades to rob jewellery stores, what is your appropriate response? I will train and arm my police force with rocket launchers and take no survivors, if you depend on small arms, you are asking for trouble. Of course I am not a reckless person and I will train my personnel on the safety distance and impact of rockets, but I put the safety of the personnel I train first and will never compromise, rather than public property. If the enemy is armed I will never let him shoot first, I will allow the police to only shoot at the arms and legs and never the body, and if he is not capable, I will never let him carry a weapon, and I will equip all teams with body cameras. My SOP is that the police must first give 3 warnings and if the enemy trains his weapon at you, I will allow the police to fire first at his arms and legs, and never give the enemy a chance to protect the lives of the police, and the body cameras will act as proof. Only when a hostage life is at risk will I allow the police to shoot at the body.

With a foreign policy like the US, Big brother is the shark in the shark infested waters, until it realised there is a school of piranhas, and these piranhas has now adapted to sea water. Ever watch a movie? Dramatisation : “THE PIRANHAS ARE COMING!!!”

– Contributed by Oogle.


The Shark with No teeth. 911, Osama Bin Laden, Boston Marathon bombing  are all obession with movie making and mind control. Want to control me? Not in the next 1000 years.

A Dragnet of different Radar positions for Iron Dome

“The use of jamming devices to prevent the radar system from communicating with the missile defence system can be overcomed by using numerous radar positions using secret frequencies that is unknown to the enemy. Another method is to scramble your frequencies and camouflage all positions well. I never lose.” – Contributed by Oogle.

The intelligence community (the IDF’S intelligence branch and the Shin Bet security service) had received warnings regarding plans by Salafist and Jihadist organizations to launch rockets toward Eilat, and apparently toward Aqaba as well. The groups, which have established themselves in Sinai, are hostile to the regime in Jordan almost as much as they are hostile to Israel.
In light of the warnings, received over the course of a few weeks ahead of Wednesday’s attack on Eilat, the IDF deployed an Iron Dome missile defense battery near Israel’s southernmost city – the fifth Iron Dome battery made operational since Operation Pillar of Defense. The battery has the ability to intercept long-range Fajr-type rockets, as well as homemade Palestinian projectiles.
However, despite this capability, the Iron Dome system failed to intercept the rockets fired at Eilat, despite the fact that its radar system detected the incoming rockets and transmitted warning signals. Now the security establishment and Rafael (defense systems company) must determine why the system was not triggered despite the fact that at least one of the rockets landed in a populated area in the city. Iron Dome should have detected this and intercepted the rocket. The system itself was found to be intact.
However, every now and then rebellious organizations, mainly Salafist, fire rockets at Israel. These attacks are followed by Hamas operations to arrest members of these organizations. This is the reason Salafist and Jihadist leaders in Gaza are increasing their pressure on members of the organization who are based in Sinai to launch attacks on Israel.

כוחות הביטחון סורקים את אזור נפילת אחת הרקטות (צילום: מאיר אוחיון)

Rocket that landed in Eilat Wednesday (Photo: Meir Ohayon)

Over the past two years Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula has become a lawless territory. Egypt’s army and security forces are trying to restore order and fight the armed terror groups in the area, as well as curtail the smuggling of arms to Gaza. So far they have not been very successful. Egypt has managed to more or less maintain the rule of law in the area of Sinai’s east coast, where the Bedouin Tarabin tribe wants to make sure that tourism is not hurt, but in central Sinai the Egyptian forces are all but helpless. The rocket attack on Eilat this week apparently emanated from central Sinai.
In central Sinai, Egyptian forces are able to uncover weapons caches from time to time, but the Salafist and Jihadist groups combat the Egyptian army and police and are able to occasionally hijack military vehicles and weapons and use them to carry out terror attacks and avoid Israeli tracking devices. It appears that the inclement weather on Wednesday also helped the rocket launchers avoid the tracking devices.
This situation requires a swift solution, because those who fired the rockets from central Sinai may also fire shoulder-launched anti-aircraft missiles from the mountainous region near Eilat. The security fence in the area, which will be completed soon, cannot prevent the firing of rockets or anti-aircraft missiles. Another issue that is making it difficult to deal with the rocket threat is that Israel does not want to undermine Egypt’s sovereignty by operating in Sinai.
Israel and Egypt may have to reach a secret agreement in order to stop the terror emanating from Sinai.