Will the Catholic Church unite the One World Government of religion? I am afraid not, only Jesus had that authority not even me

My destiny by God is to solve the World”s problems, solve global poverty and bring it to perfection. In no way am I given charge over political systems or religion which my God has given a free choice to every individual, nothing will be shove down your throat, I come with God’s grace and his love. That is why I am neither a pastor or a prophet of God and I am here to do what I do best, bring everything to perfection. Contributed by Oogle.

There is a big push today in the Catholic Church for ecumenism. According to the Oxford dictionary of English, ecumenism is “the principle or aim of promoting unity among the world’s Christian churches.” In fact, not only are they interested in uniting with Christian denominations, but with those in other world religions, as well. So, how would this unity with other religions affect the groups involved? Would they each be able to keep their respective beliefs or would they have to change their doctrines in order to unify?

⚫️A Schoolyard Story

There were several elementary school kids playing a game together on the schoolyard. One of them was older, bigger and stronger than all the others. Although all the kids knew the rules of the game, the big kid was cheating. Not only was it quite obvious that the big kid was cheating, but his cheating was getting worse and worse. But no one dared to point out his dishonesty, since they were afraid of him and didn’t want to be kicked out of the game. Finally, a few of the other kids had enough! They must face this cheating giant and confront his dishonesty.

The group was relieved that someone finally spoke up. But after their protest (which humiliated him) the big kid not only continued cheating, but he began to create ridiculous new rules for the game to his advantage, while all the others were harshly treated when they didn’t give in to his unfair demands and his new rules. He was showing his true colors by demonstrating his childishness. In any case, no one wants to play with a deceiving cheater.

⚫️An Analogy

The story above is an analogy (although not perfect) of something that actually happened in history. The Catholic Church was a large and powerful force in the 1500’s. She had no equal in the religious world. Not only was she corrupt, but the corruption kept increasing. It seemed that no one dared to point out her corruption, lest they be kicked out of the church (excommunicated), and therefore, be unable to partake of her sacraments and lose “access to Heaven.” Finally, a few men (later known as reformers) had had enough of this corrupt giant. They were going to confront the Catholic Church concerning her unbiblical teachings and her corruption, thus starting the Protestant Reformation. The people were relieved that someone finally spoke up and this movement caused many to leave the Catholic Church after hearing biblical truth.

But the Catholic Church didn’t take this lying down. After the reformers’ protest, which humiliated and angered the Church, she began to persecute the reformers and made ridiculous and unscriptural demands on these “protesters.” The Catholic Church didn’t want to play by the biblical rules, so she started the “Counter Reformation” and established the Council of Trent in 1545. In this council, she issued multiple “anathemas” (formal curses) to those who refused to play by the Church’s rules, thus demonstrating her childishness and her unwillingness to abide by Scripture. Again, no one wants to play with a deceiving cheater.

⚫️”Let Him be Anathema!”

But what exactly were these anathemas with which the Catholic Church was threatening these protesters? According to the Oxford Dictionary of English, an anathema is:

“A formal curse by a pope or a council of the Church, excommunicating a person or denouncing a doctrine.”

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, it is:

“A ban or curse solemnly pronounced by ecclesiastical authority and accompanied by excommunication.”

According to the online New Advent Catholic Encyclopedia, an anathema from the Church is declaring the gravest, most serious, form of excommunication possible within the Catholic Church… an excommunication which eternally condemns the person to Hell… unless and until he does penance to the Church’s satisfaction.

The word “anathema” is used 150 times in the Council of Trent (including a couple of times using the variant, “anathematize”). The anathemas of the Council of Trent pertain to, and protected, teachings like the canon (list of Bible books) of the Catholic Bible, veneration of saints, relics and “sacred images,” indulgences, the Catholic priesthood, the Mass, the Eucharist, sacraments, the Catholic view of justification (salvation), and original sin. Interestingly, they seemed to focus their anathemas on those who were against these mostly Catholic ideas, desiring to maintain their unbiblical teachings and (through the power of anathema) force people into accepting them.

Catholics will tell us today that these anathemas were intended only for Catholics, since it is an excommunication (they can’t excommunicate non-members), but in practice it is obvious that the anathemas were directed toward the protesters and their biblical arguments.

But what about the unity that we mentioned at the beginning of the article, and this desire in the Catholic Church for “peace” and “cooperation” with other religions? How can any group enjoy peace while having anathemas hanging over their heads? How can all these different religions cooperate if they don’t even believe in these teachings?

Catholics will sometimes tell us that all these anathemas were canceled in the 1983 Code of Canon Law. So, does this mean that there are no more anathemas? You mean to tell me that these anathemas were all just a big mistake, after all? Do they not count today? If this is the case, this change in policy is little comfort for those profoundly affected by these anathemas in the past. What about those who refused to comply and ended up persecuted or killed? Would an apology hundreds of years later help them? Because of this “change” in 1983, are those who perished because of these anathemas now released from Hell?

The Catholic Church likes to brag that it has not changed its doctrine for 2000 years. But if these “infallibly pronounced” anathemas are wrong or somehow unacceptable now, they must have also been wrong back then! So much for an “infallible” church. I pray that Catholics will see and understand this deception.


The Catholic Church has been flinging anathemas for a long time now. If they really are considered to be in force today by the Church, it is irrelevant because many, if not most, of the Council of Trent’s anathemas were not even biblical to start with, therefore, were never binding. If they are considered to be no longer in force today, then the Catholic Church’s supposed “infallibility” has been exposed as fraudulent. Either way, she has a problem.

Worst of all, it is ironic that the Catholic Church anathematizes HERSELF by preaching a false gospel, according to Galatians 1:8-9.

Singapore needs to wake up to the facts we do not have a reserve left and we need to depend on ourselves

No country will give it’s government a blank cheque without check and balances, without transparency that is why we are in a deep shit today. If the PAP government loses in this election, you can forget about all your CPF monies and all the foreign debts needs to be paid, who can solve all the problems overnight except me. Even the Singapore Government needs the IMF/World Bank and it is banking on Singapore future earnings to pay back what it owes, without prudent spending this mess will not go away, it is time to take charge of our future, to demand accountability from our government, and the only way is to vote in the opposition to deny their 85% majority, so our parliament will be fairly represented. Contributed by Oogle.

Do you know we can afford all our dreams of a Swiss standard of living if we are not blind but discerning? – By Kenneth Jeyaratnam

Why does LHL’s Government persist in being so stingy? Beyond what started out as conspiracy theory but becomes less implausible with every Budget with a fake NIRC, namely that the reserves have been lost or stolen, is the underlying crude social Darwinism (which has its roots in Calvinism) of LKY. He believed that it was not worth helping those at the bottom because they were already genetic losers since all the best people had risen to the top, which meant him, his family, relatives, ministers, MPs and plutocratic cronies, in that order. Rather than waste money on a feckless and low IQ underclass, LKY preferred the cheaper option of importing foreign talent from the UK, Europe, Australia, India, the Philippines and China, a policy which his son and the PAP continue. They are put on a fast track to citizenship and excused NS, which is only for losers and little people.

The mystery is not why LHL and the PAP behave like they do but why Singaporeans let them and surrender their birthright so cheaply. If one mentions additional spending voters become agitated and ask how you are going to pay for it despite the evidence that I have presented here and in such exhaustive detail over the years that state coffers should be running over. Even $6 billion a year (the amount Heng snatched away supposedly to cushion GST) would be enough to finance child benefit of $300 per month per child under 18 and an old age pension of $500 per month. This has been part of Reform Party’s manifesto since 2015. Yet returning a tiny bit of the surplus that the Lees have extracted from the people over the decades is seen as electoral suicide and Opposition parties vie with one another to promise to cut spending, especially on defense. PAP brainwashing and gaslighting of Singaporeans has succeeded beyond LKY’s wildest dreams. The PAP are truly masters of Fake News.

Do not perverse the teachings of the Bible

What a load of rubbish. Do not pervert your understanding of the bible. Woman was created from a rib of a man. Why God created woman because man need a companion and sex is for procreation. Do not mix pleasures of sex and desires as something unnatural. It is unnatural when you think of it all the time and it becomes more important than God. Men can always survive without sex and in a marriage it can survive without sex for those who are impotent. Do not teach nonsense. Contributed by Oogle.


Women find it hard to understand why men love sex so much, They want to help you,they want sex. They say they love you,they want sex. You mistakenly sleep over,they want sex. They want to borrow you money. They want sex. They want to give you a job. They want sex. They want to pass you. They want sex.

First of all You need to understand the system of men. Men are naturally created that way, Do you know that 95% of healthy men wake up with an Erection?

Do you know that the penis has a mind of his own?. A man can be sleeping,once you start rubbing the penis, it stands even when the man is asleep. Have you asked yourself why men are never on any periods? Cramps or bad moods. That’s how God created Men.

A man is naturally always ready for sex. Rub a man on his head, he already thinks you want sex, wink at him, he’s already seeing you naked. wave at a man walking with his wife, he will lose focus.

That’s why churches don’t allow ladies with short dresses to sit in front because they will confuse pastor. Its not by anointing or by speaking in tongues.

Men didn’t manufacture the high libido by themselves.

Men are all created in God’s image. The Bible recorded only few men who overcome sex in the Bible, Jesus Christ himself and Joseph, Joseph didn’t just run away, he fled. Jesus was God and on top that, he was very careful not to include a woman in his disciple train.

So many great men have fallen because of sex. Do you think they wanted to?. Soldiers in front of war still develop urge for Sex. So many soldiers were killed during wars because a woman lured them Inside bush.

David in the bible sent a woman’s husband to the war front for him to die so he can have sex with the wife. do i need to tell you about Samson?. Solomon and other bible characters? It can only take the grace of God, and some level of maturity to curtail this.

The way a man’s body react to this is not the same way a woman’s body react to it. How many great women have you heard messed up because of sex, None or even few. So next time a man ‘misbehaves’ because of sex, don’t see it as he’s a beast or an animal. Men are just responding to nature.

It is not easy for him to easily abstain from sex that is why you need to pray for your man, stand by him, never push him away, help him build himself to be able to resist the temptations of sex. With you he can become a better man…
Thank you for reading.