The State that Controls Everything

Saw a post about PAP being a far right party / government.
I have to disagree with that, PAP has taken the worst of far left & far right ideologies to suit themselves! 
Far right ideologies are small government & free enterprise on this aspect PAP are big government & are not free enterprise as long as they have NTUC & GLCs interfering in business. This is a left wing ideology that the state controls everything.

Left is liberal, free speech and right to assembly, protest and all of those. In this aspect PAP are far right!

They have taken the good parts of left & right ideologies for themselves & the bad parts of both right and left ideologies for every one else.

Far right ideology also includes low taxes but what PAP has done to give everyone a false sense of paying low income tax is having GST, Water tax, energy taxes, carbon taxes and all sort of ridiculous taxes. Worst off 80% Singaporeans are paying property tax on long term rental leasehold depreciating asset of HDB!

By Prabu Ramachandran