Forget CareShield, I rather buy private insurance as it does not take care of our needs

Stupid scheme as it does not take those who have pre-existing conditions and make it compulsory when you can never make a claim. It does not serve us as it makes more sense to buy private insurance then compulsory participation as it only eats our money. When you run a National insurance scheme, your purpose is to breakeven and not to lose money, but the government has used it to be their “money cow”. Contributed by Oogle.

The CareShield Life Bill was passed in Parliament on Monday (2 Sep) after its second reading. The Bill makes it compulsory for Singaporean born in 1980 or after to pay CareShield Life insurance starting 2020. However, for those born in 1979 or earlier, the premium is optional. Future cohorts will join when they turn 30.

While providing arguments about the Bill in Parliament, Nominated Member of Parliament (NMP) Anthea ONG highlighted a few concerns regarding the Bill like adding mental health in the ‘severe disability’ category, include non-severely disabled individuals in the group, supporting under 30 Singaporeans who may have disabilities as well as discrimination against women.

Under the Bill, a Singaporean is categorised as ‘severely disabled’ only when he/she is unable to perform three or more physical activities of daily living (ADLs) like washing, dressing, feeding, toileting, walking, and transferring.

However, Ms Ong noted that ‘severe disability’ is defined in too narrowly in the Bill as it failed to include those with mental health conditions.

In fact, she said that this is troubling given that the Ministry of Health announced in 2017 that 12.4% of locals aged 18-74 suffer from minor psychiatric conditions like anxiety or depression, and is estimated to rise to 14% this year.

Ms Ong also noted that there are a lot of schemes in the country that that require one to have ‘severe disability’ to be eligible for it. However, there are many people out there who don’t make the cut because they can only, for instance, perform two ADLs and have other mental conditions that affect their cognitive ADLs.

Although they should be qualified to receive the schemes designed for them, these individuals don’t get it as they’re labelled as “moderately disabled rather than severely disable”, Ms Ong said.

Additionally, Ms Ong stated that she understands that CareShield Life premiums are “gender-differentiated due to actuarial assessments”, but it shouldn’t be the case as other healthcare subsidies and benefits in Singapore are given equally to both men and women. She added that women may live longer than men, but they have to carry on with their life with less financial resources.

Ms Ong also questioned the need to discriminate individuals below the age of 30 as illnesses and disabilities can hit citizens regardless of the age, including children diagnosed with life-limiting diseases.

Therefore, she said, “We should consider allowing children and youth to be enrolled into this national long-term care insurance, with premiums paid by their parents either through their Medisave accounts, or through government hand-outs like Baby Bonus.”

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