We can Vote for Change, nothing is impossible

The PAP currently does not have the support of the middle ground voters. If they had support of middle Singapore, they would have already called for a general elections.

The PAP voters are around 30% to 35% of voters.

The opposition voters are about 25% to 30%.

This leaves 35% to 45% voters who would vote for sensible, logical, reasonable & rational policies which will help them in their day to day lives such as cost of living, cost of essentials such as food, water, electricity & transport. Opportunities such as education, employment & entrepreneurial.

The idea is to reach out to & relate with that group of voters.

Most of middle Singapore are HDB dwellers, 78.7% of us live in HDBs according to latest Singstat data. With a proportion living in 3 room flats 17.6%, 4 room flats 31.7% & 5 room flats 23.2%.

This is were the battle of the hearts & minds should be targeted at.

Middle Singapore is not exclusively made up of political elites from the establishment like ex army generals, career bureaucrats turned politicians or the life time university resident who studied in the university, became a researcher in the university & became a lecturer / professor in the university having never left the domain of university campuses.

The common ground and theme of these majority of people who make up the establishment are that they never did a proper job in the real world. Never bought, sold or traded goods & services as a profession for a living a single day of their lives. Totally disconnected, disengaged & clueless with the average ordinary person as to how they lead their lives.

This post is dedicated to reaching out to each & every Singaporean who lives & works in the real world. The real people, the ordinary people, the average people, the hard working people, the decent people.

The hawkers, the taxi drivers, the PHV drivers (Grab drivers, Gojek drivers, Ryde drivers), the food deliverers (Grab, Deliveroo & Foodpanda motorcycle & bicycle couriers), security guards, cleaners, people in the agency businesses such as real estate & property agents, financial agents like insurance & investment agents, employment, HR, recruitment & talent agents.

Generally people who make up the government & private sector of the rank & file positions, supervisory, junior management & middle management.

If enough of us are willing to stand up to the establishment, the elites & our leaders, the impossible becomes possible. Nothing is impossible. We could take back our rights such as democractic, social, political, economical & human rights.

We could beat the system, the big businesses & global corporatism. We can support small business in the SME sector to set up new businesses, grow existing small companies & employment citizens. We need to make rental affordable again, so that there is enough money to pay employees after paying the already rich landlords.

We need to vote for change to take back control of our country. We need to make Singapore our home again.

I hope that you would Like, Comment & Share this post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, any and all media platforms to reach out to our fellow Singaporeans.

We don’t have big media, newspapers or news channels to get the message out.

These are real issues in Singapore faced by real people.

Author: Gilbert Tan TS

IT expert with more than 20 years experience in Multiple OS, Security, Data & Internet , Interests include AI and Big Data, Internet and multimedia. An experienced Real Estate agent, Insurance agent, and a Futures trader. I am capable of finding any answers in the world you want as long as there are reports available online for me to do my own research to bring you closest to all the unsolved mysteries in this world, because I can find all the paths to the Truth, and what the Future holds. All I need is to observe, test and probe to research on anything I want, what you need to do will take months to achieve, all I need is a few hours.​

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