Huawei 5G Technology only needs strong encryption, which its equipment can satisfy

Security Capability Exposure

The exposure of network capabilities to industrial partners requires corresponding security mechanisms to ensure service security. Just like network capabilities, security capabilities of 5G networks can be exposed to vertical industries.
Security capability exposure requires modularized security function deployment in order to enable easy invocation through APIs. Then by combining different security functions, the end-to-end security requirements for various vertical services can be quickly satisfied. Benefiting from security capability exposure, vertical industries can deploy services in a highly secure way without building the security system themselves, which makes it easier to launch a new service while reducing the time-to-market (TTM). Carriers can fully utilize their network security infrastructure, enrich service experience, and create and share value with vertical industries.
The exposed security capabilities can include user identity management, security context management, authentication, and key management.

Today’s connected world requires constantly higher levels of security. In many situations, this is done by relying on cryptography, for which one of the critical elements is the unpredictability of the encryption keys. Other security applications, like identity & access management, also require a strong cryptographic foundation based on unique tokens.

Keys are used for encryption of information as well as in other cryptographic schemes; such as digital signatures, personal identification and message authentication codes. They are used everywhere in modern digital communications and they enable the trust which underpins communications in our globalised world, including the internet and financial systems.

The security of these keys or digital tokens lies in the quality of the randomness used to create the key itself. If the random number generation and the processes surrounding it are weak, then the key can easily be copied, forged or guessed and the security of the entire system is compromised. Therefore, high-quality key generation that ensures unpredictable, random keys is critical for security.

Digital or paper currencies also require unique identifiers that cannot be easily guessed or forecast. Also, many other high-value applications like lotteries, or gaming in general, require the same capacity to generate totally unpredictable numbers. The common denominator of all these markets is the critical reliance on absolutely random numbers.

For more information, read our blog: The Case for Strong Encryption Keys.

Author: Gilbert Tan TS

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