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Aquarius is the eleventh sign of a zodiac, ruled by the planet of justice, Saturn. The people who are this zodiac sign or having Aquarius ascendants are highly dominated by the planet Saturn. The finance and wealth house of Aquarius is ruled by; Pisces – lord: Jupiter, Libra – lord: Venus and Sagittarius – lord: Jupiter.

On financial wealth Aquarius tends to be highly successful as two greater benefic rules the house of wealth. Aquarius shows a uniform and cool behavior in every occupation and they are selfless people.

Aquarius finance astrology shows that they never spend money in an unorganized and a haphazard manner, they think twice before going for any major investment.

Aquarius 2018 Money Astrology

Aquarius money astrology is dominated by freedom. They spend purposefully to facilitate personally and enhance the life of friends and even strangers. They can improve their financial status by exploring their innate intuitive capabilities.

Aquarius money horoscope denotes that they work well in office and the environment where social gathering is more and more. You rebel under the supervision of boss and other subordinates. You’re either best in managing the team or either working in a position that gives lot of breathing room.

Most of them make great salesperson with your innate gift to grab hilarious jokes. People love to listen you and follow your advice. The first 10 months of this year should be used for preparation of the ground because 10 2018, Jupiter the greater benefic will enter Aquarius’ house of career, and will open up the unexpected opportunities for you. You should try to utilize this precious time to the utmost, never leave any gap for the loopholes. This time will mark the beginning of a golden period for the Aquarian’s

In order to enjoy finance growth some stress in the month of March and August 2018 is also on the cards. However, August 2018 will knock with huge amount of opportunities in your life. Luck is on your side at the end of the year 2018, your most of the dreams and aspirations will come true with unexpected financial benefits on your side.

The Venus and Mercury retrograde warn you off signing any major contacts related to investment and finance position. Better to stop negotiating with abroad parties and deals. Mercury retrograde during the first week of January 2018 is an initial start of the confinement and precautionary measures to be taken whole year.

The month of December may tempt you to go beyond your limits because your income will boom and improve. You’ll tend to delude yourself into thinking that you’re well off. Yet there are several minute planetary phases and transition that depend specifically on individual horoscope. The finance and wealth also varies according to the position of the lords of the house of wealth on certain houses.

Inheriting the 11th zodiac sign, Aquarians are kind hearted, highly modern and independent. They are drawn towards exploring all that is new in life. With a revolutionary zeal, they invent, discover and undertake adventures with a visionary zeal. They are cheerful and socialize well with others. At the same time, they cannot cultivate deep relationships on a sustainable basis. So, they know a lot of people, but have only a few friends. Here is a discussion on the compatibility of Aquarius with other zodiac signs.

Aquarius compatibility with Aries

The coming together of an Aquarian and Arian is very interesting and filled with adventures and excitements. They love each other’s company as much as they love freedom. Many of their traits are common. However, the Aquarians need more personal space and if this is forbidden, they enter into a tiff. Aquarians like the spontaneity of the Arians and the Arians will in turn be enthralled by the creativity and innovation of the Arians and they will get along so very well in life.
Aquarius – Aries compatibility score: 85%

Aquarius compatibility with Taurus

Taurians like a simple life and like to enjoy the pleasures of life. Aquarians are never serious minded. They take life easily and move with the stride. Since both Aquarians and Taurians are so stubborn, they both enter into conflicts very often. Taurians can never tolerate the careless attitude of the Aquarians. Since both these partners are occupied with their own likes, dislikes and problems, the other person is never satisfied. Therefore, this match will never work out for a lasting relationship.
Aquarius – Taurus compatibility score: 15%

Aquarius compatibility with Gemini

This is a good pair. Aquarians like the easy going nature of the Geminians. They have similar outlook towards life and this attitude brings them together. Geminians like Aquarians’ creativity; Aquarians adore Geminian’s sense of freedom. Due to their unpredictable nature, they both enter into conflicts and misunderstandings from time to time. By learning the art of romance to keep the Geminians happy, Aquarians can win over them.
Aquarius – Gemini compatibility score: 80%

Aquarius compatibility with Cancer

Aquarians like to explore life. They crave for freedom. Cancerians are highly sensitive and they can never tolerate the ways of Aquarians. Cancerians need care and protection from their partner which the Aquarians can never give as much as they want. In their tendency to explore outdoor life, Aquarians do not focus enough on the domestic affairs which will irritate the Cancerians. Since both of them have contrasting attitudes, their match will not work well.
Aquarius – Cancer compatibility score: 25%

Aquarius compatibility with Leo

We cannot deny the marital bond between an Aquarian and a Lion. They have a strong physical chemistry bringing them together. However, they need to shed their ego to win the other person’s love and trust. Lions are noted for their physical power. Aquarians are marked for their intellectual power and confidence. They both love these qualities in each other. Though they do not have many things in common, they are fairly compatible and can overcome their problems by stretching a bit.
Aquarius – Leo compatibility score: 50%

Aquarius compatibility with Virgo

This union can never rest on an emotional bond. Both these partners are intelligent and can enjoy some knowledgeable discussions. Virgos try to apply logic to solve problems. Aquarians are far from this tendency. The compatibility is just average between these two zodiac signs. If they need to come together in marriage they must come out of their closed shells and understand the pother person. They can make the match successful through an approach of give and take.
Aquarius – Virgo compatibility score: 25%

Aquarius compatibility with Libra

Both these zodiac signs have a lot of things in common. They will thoroughly enjoy the relationship with each other. They have flair to make friends and socialize with a lot of people. At times, the angry Aquarians might hurt the Librans’ emotional side unintentionally. Therefore the Aquarians must exercise a great caution in this regard. Aquarians and Librans share the common tendency to be free and explore life. Therefore it is most likely that they will stay well engaged with the other person’s company. This pair will be highly compatible and successful.
Aquarius – Libra compatibility score: 80%

Aquarius compatibility with Scorpio

The union between Aquarians and Scorpions can never reach a fruitful status unless they are pared to give some space to each other. Aquarians are highly irritable in nature. The Scorpions have a dominating tendency and cannot tolerate the mood swings of the Aquarians. They find highly uncomfortable to forgive the outgoing nature of the Aquarians. Only their physical compatibility will keep their relationship going. Otherwise, we can never say this is a successful pair.
Aquarius – Scorpio compatibility score: 15%

Aquarius compatibility with Sagittarius

Naturally, these two zodiac signs have many things in common. Both of them love adventure, socializing and moving around outdoors. Both of them take life as it comes and are never too serious about anything in life. Therefore, they are not driven by emotions. They always engage in intellectual conversations. As long as they are allowed to be free, they do not hurt the other person. Though there are some differences in their attitudes, they never come in the way of their happy and successful relationship.
Aquarius – Sagittarius compatibility score: 85%

Aquarius compatibility with Capricorn

Capricornians are highly judicial and active. They are highly practical minded and love nature. They are highly creative. Aquarians are attracted to everything around them. if they both understand each other and complement the other person, they can hope to nurture their union. Astrology says this is most unlikely and they both are prone to quarrel even for small things in life. They need to leave the negative approaches to life and focus on the merits of the other person to move forward with fewer troubles.
Aquarius – Capricorn compatibility score: 25%

Aquarius compatibility with Aquarius

Since Aquarians like freedom and social life, they share common interests. They like to detach themselves from the world and build their own castle in the air. They are charming and can love their partner so passionately. However, they can never make any commitments. They can nurture their relationship through their common tendencies. They both can engage each other with fun and excitement. However, they must cultivate some seriousness in life as a team to live successfully.
Aquarius – Aquarius compatibility score: 82%

Aquarius compatibility with Pisces

In the beginning, an Aquarian and a Piscean are drawn towards each other and love to stay together. Pisceans always like to stay in the company of their Aquarian partner. They always tend to do a lot of sacrifices to meet the needs of their soul mate. However, the Aquarians love to be free and they view this tendency of the Piscean partner an as effort to confine them. Pisceans need a strong and responsible partner to take care of them. Aquarians can never find comfortable with a sensitive soul mate. Therefore it is difficult to see this pair getting along for long.
Aquarius – Pisces compatibility score: 25%

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