Touting, the end of tourism in Singapore?

By Jessica Lim
The Straits Times
Thursday, May 16, 2013

SINGAPORE – A plump man in a white polo T-shirt walked up and down alongside the lengthening taxi queue outside Mustafa Centre on Thursday evening.

The man, who looked to be in his 50s, asked a person in the queue his destination. It was Geylang.

“Geylang, who else is going around there?” the tout asked, loudly. “Why you want to wait so long, for what? I give you a ride there.” Quoting a $20 flat fee, he pointed towards a mini-van by the side of the road.

I was in the queue that evening, guidebook in hand, posing as a tourist. He offered me a ride to Orchard Road for $20, then pressed a laminated namecard into my hand. On it were thumbnail pictures of attractions, including the Underwater World, River Safari and Gardens by the Bay.

Under each picture was the original ticket price and a discounted rate.

I asked him for a Singapore Flyer ticket. He asked me how many I wanted. Just one, I told him.

“I give you, $30,” he said, opening his wallet. He pulled out a general admission ticket, with a June 30 expiry date. The original price of $33 was printed on it too. As I scrutinised it, he reassured me it could be used.

After I bought it, he asked me to call him if I wanted other tickets in the future.

Tell your friends, he suggested.

Yesterday, when I called the mobile phone number listed on the namecard to ask about prices, the man on the other end asked me who I was. I gave him my name.

He replied: “I don’t know who you are. I am bankrupt already. Not doing this business already. Bankrupt.”

Then he ended the call.

Even bigger discounts

I walked into two travel agencies at the Landmark Village Hotel in Bugis last week. Both offered me tickets at much lower prices than those being sold at the attractions.

One offered me $18 for a ticket to the Singapore Flyer. If I was a tour guide, I could buy the ticket for even less, at $16.

I said I was taking some people on a tour. She sold me two Singapore Flyer tickets for $16 each. She did not ask to see a tourist guide licence.

Encouraging me to refer my friends to her, she said that she could sell us tickets to Universal Studios Singapore for $62, down from $74; Gardens by the Bay for $18, when the usual is $20; and tickets to the Underwater World, which normally cost $25.90, at $15.

The Weapon that leaves No Evidence

The Weapon that leaves No Evidence

1) I can track and monitor you with your mobile, where you go, who you talk to, when you are near a computer or TV, listen to all your conversations.

2) And I can programme you with sublimal messages when you are on the Internet, or watching a TV programme.

3) It is Mind Control, and using the scanning of your eyes while you are looking at the monitor I can read your thoughts and broadcast them. None of your secrets is safe.

4) It is called brain washing and you will not even know it while you are awake, while you are asleep, I can even programme you to be my secret agent without you knowing and pass on the skills during REM.

5) Nobody in the entire is able to escape brain washing except me, I am totally immune to it. And there is totally not a shred of evidence I will leave behind.

– Contributed by Oogle.

PS : You can programme everyone to steal my inventions and dun pay me licence, mess with my bank account, stop me from going overseas, even create mayhem in your own country by killing so many people to protect your secrets, but now it is out in the open, and I dare to challenge you and take the entire world on, FUCK with me and I will promise you HELL If you look deeper into every conflict worldwide, how many are really “conflicts” or are caused by meddling?

Why was Taiwan fisherman shot? Because he tried to ram his boat at the Phillipine coast guards, now why did he do that? Was he provoked? Was he on Phillipine’s territory waters? Simple investigations can unravel many truths.

Shane Todd’s research on gallium nitride is linked to a microwave weapon but he does not know it

On one occasion, he told her there were “heavy hands” coming after him and he was working on something that could get him into trouble with the US government. “This concerned something about defence but I did not understand what Shane was talking about. I thought Shane was joking.” – Ms Shirley Sarmiento

Gallium nitride. Johnson’s Figure of Merit. Electrical Breakdown. The failure of an electric circuit. A rapid reduction in the resistance of an electrical insulator that can lead to a spark jumping around or through the insulator. This may be a momentary event (as in an electrostatic discharge), or may lead to a continuous arc discharge if protective devices fail to interrupt the current in a high power circuit.

Therefore I can easily use this as a weapon to disrupt any electric circuits using microwave like an automobile, an aircraft or any communication equipment. I have tested the theories and concepts and have seen a working model being tested on a US military vehicle many years back when someone unknown pushed info to me on the Internet and instructed me to delete after reading it, details include how to make an atomic bomb, pictures of 911 buildings structures being “pulled”, a new quantum computer many light years ahead without software, and  about the above microwave weapon, I know so many secrets the world has never seen. Can you remember an incident in the sixties where a woman was shot dead by a very powerful sniper weapon more than half a kilometres away in a circus and no evidence was found and the case was closed? – Contributed by Oogle.

Insurable Interests

Remember when buying insurance, you need to consider your insurable interests, it is cheapest when you buy when young based on your mortality rates; 

1) So consider a Term insurance like TPD and Death for the maximum value you can afford eg S$1 million for 5/10 years while you save for a normal policy eg Life or Endowment with Riders like Health. Remember if you are diagnosed with an illness no insurance company will want to cover you for that illness again. And if your age increases your mortality rate increases substantially until you cannot get yourself covered for that risk.

2) There should be policies for people who has been diagnosed with certain illness, insurance companies should be compelled to cover these risks at a higher premium. Even a co-operative like NTUC Income does not take this into account, much less for profit insurance companies. Insurance companies has a moral obligation to serve the needs of the public by pooling resources instead of just fattening their bottom line, which is profit driven.

3) The pooling of resources and the reinvestment of un-used premium will make expensive health insurance policies viable for nowadays expensive healthcare, but why there is no such initiative? Not enough profits?

4) The FundSupermarket Saga of offering up to 50% rebate for the policies you buy show how much commissions your typical agent makes, isn’t it time to make your agent work harder? Will there be a conflict of interest if all the agent cares about is his bottom line instead of protecting your interests? How is MAS protecting all consumers?

– Contributed by Oogle.

A Class on Entreprenuership on the New Economy

*A Class on Entreprenuership on the New Economy(The below are just drafts of the syllabus on trial run, a comprehensive in depth study will be provided for paying students)

1) Preventing Destructive Competition

2) Determining Demand before Supply

3) Knowing market dynamics

4) Towards a Perfect Economy

5) Fishing in the New Economy


The Framework of Problem Solving

The Creation of Money

The Future Virtual Money

*Free Trial Run for the month of June 2013, thereafter course fees collected will be used to fund Elim Church Overseas Missionaries. Online Class : US$50 Payment by Paypal to sent manually to ID :

– Contributed by Oogle. 

The coronavirus (NCoV) SARs like virus

Since nCoV first emerged and was identified in September 2012, the WHO says it has been informed of a total of 40 laboratory-confirmed cases worldwide, including 20 deaths. Saudi Arabia has had most of the cases – with 30 patients infected, 15 of them fatally – but nCoV cases have also been reported in Jordan, Qatar, Britain, Germany and France. Are all the virus samples collected from the outbreak in different countries with the same DNA? If so, there is a missing host and it could be migratory birds. – Contributed by Oogle.

Saudi labs need help with the new SARS-like virus but ‘we’re not getting any feedback’


1) Spread by air in the environment, every living thing is infected including humans, animals and birds. 

2) The weather plays a part as it may seem like a cold flu with mild symptoms for some or a very bad flu for others. People will start taking notice when humans die or get very seriously ill when warded into the hospital, and these people will have mutated viruses that can become carriers or cause widespread pandemic when the virus break the human body defence systems in white blood cells.

3) This has yet to happen like bird flu so there is no vaccine available. A vaccine can only be developed when the human defence system contained the virus with it’s white blood cells and the human recovers, that will roughly take about a month and a furthur 2 weeks with the fastest technologies available in the markets. There are other technologies available in the market which may cut the process by half, so the risk factor will be about 3 weeks where the entire world has no cure.

4) Furthur studies may be required from those who recover from the strain of virus that attack the body immune systems, including their white blood samples and their DNA. Profiling will find the type of humans who are very likely to get the virus, and those who don’t.

5) Then this information can be passed to other researchers by WHO which is still in the process of understanding this virus and the work is still on-going, so that is why everybody is silent.

– Contributed by Oogle.

PS : When I have a confirmed outbreak, I will do contact tracing on the patient’s home and work place to find out everybody who has contact with the patient and put them into an observation ward, do testing to find out if they have been contaminated, and find out their body reactions to the virus. This is the most important step to contain the virus. When I do the autopsy I will take DNA, blood and urine samples, and the damage to the lungs, liver and kidneys and try to recreate how the virus attack in the different stages and note everything down for others to work on. How I will contain the spread of the virus. If there is an outbreak in Saudi Arabia and hundreds of people die, I will standby testkits on a chip with the sample from the virus from Saudi Arabia, and all incoming passengers from there will be required to compulsary provide samples in the airport, this is not difficult as results are almost instant, and it will take days to purchase and manufacture these to standby for an outbreak.

Can you manage the Risks?

“Everybody needs to be taught how to manage risks and stay away from high risks products when they cannot afford to lose. This is a Fact. Most experts can only manage a 4 against 10 odds at winning which means they will lose 6 times out of 10, it is how they manage to lower their risks at losing and increase their risks at winning that makes them overall winners, even I can only get an advantage of 6 out of 10, that is why I prefer the traditional way of making money.” – Contributed by Oogle

“If I am a Trader and my daily target profits is to make $200-$500, that is my 1%, I will need my Capital to be the balance 99% and the ability to cover my own trading commission, what will be my risks and my positions based on my time horizon to have a successful trade? Most of the time it will never be just one position but multiple,  and how do you analyse everything especially risks without a computer and software?” – Contributed by Oogle.

Members of the public are being invited to attend a preview of a training course to trade in foreign currency, commodities, futures and other financial products.
They are told that they can learn trading techniques from professionals and will be able to earn a regular income from this trading activity. The presenters usually make exaggerated claims about the effectiveness of their techniques and, in some cases, offer verbal promises of guaranteed success.
During the hype, the public are asked to sign up for the training courses, which usually cost $3,000 to $5,000 for a three day course. Those who are undecided may see other people rushing to the signing tables. These initial signers could be agents working for the presenters, whose role is to create a false impression about how good the course is.
I wish to give some views about why these trading techniques will not work and the trainee stands to lose more than the fee paid for the course

Negative sum game
Trading is gambling. When you gamble or take a bet, you take the chance of winning or losing the bet. The amount won by one party is the same as the amount lost by the other party – this is called a zero-sum game.
Most trading activities are negative sum games, i.e. the total wins is less than the total losses of all the participants. The difference goes to pay for the commission and profit to the party operating the trading platform.
Trading techniques
The trainers claim to be able to teach you the successful trading technique, based on their expertise and experience. They will show you chart formations and tell you of the profits that they had made by following these charts.
Remember this. When they make many bets, they are likely to have many wins and many losses. They will select the wins and tell a story of the profit they had made. The same technique could lead to losses for them, but they will not be telling you about these cases.
They are being selective in the stories that they tell.
If you follow the technique that was taught, you are like to have wins and losses. This is completely random, like twisting a coin. When you win, the trainer will claim success for the technique. When you lose, the trainer will say that you have not followed the technique correctly, and have acted too early or too late.
Market inefficiency
Some trainers claim to be able to teach you the techniques of spotting market inefficiencies, which is supposed to make you win over the long run.
Be careful. You are not the only one that is trained to spot the market inefficiencies. Many other traders are also taught the same techniques. So, it is a question of who act earlier, and have the information to act earlier.
Your Opponent
Think about who you are betting against in the market. You are likely to be betting against other people who are better equipped than you, i.e. the professional traders employed by the big financial institutions. They are paid a handsome salary and have to deliver wins that cover their costs and profit. As a small retail trader, you are contributing to their costs and profits, when you trade against them.
These professional traders have more financial resources, time and information. When they act in a big way, they can move the market to their favor, and they also know when to get out. The individual traders who follow them by reading the charts could be going on a wild goose chase.
Discouraging experiences
The experience of many individual traders is that they lose out. After a while, their capital is gone. After spending a few thousand dollars to attend the training course, they are likely to end up losing all of their capital. Instead of “making a living”, they lose out.
Be careful of the people who recommend that certain trading techniques are reliable. Some of them are part of the game and earn commission when you sign up. In some cases, they might honestly believe that the techniques work, but they are naïve or have not been burnt yet.
No easy way to make money. They are many ways to lose money, such as being misled or cheated.

Tan Kin Lian
14 May 2013