Virtual Simm : No more physical Simm card for the Future

“What is after Virtual Simm? There will be only an Online Identity, where you can also incorporated into your Identity card, credit card, passport etc which follows the same steps of authentication online or offline, and will be hack proofed forever. It is the same way I will hide the identity codes built into preparing the MBR partition of a 2 environment storage where only a few people in the entire world will know how to read the information, it will contained the information of the creator also, and nobody will have access. You can access the profile identity of the mobile to activate or de-activated only, where the online purchases will verify the data in the servers, nothing from your mobile, this will even secure credit cards, identity cards etc, rock solid and hack proofed. I can even secure identity thief which is the minimum risk for this system, by controlling access to all info including the security of the owners.” – Contributed by Oogle.

iQsim was founded in 2009, and in the same year, launched its innovative virtual SIM card technology, based on its unique expertise on SIM servers and virtual SIM technologies. The IRON Suite gives you the opportunity to centrally manage your SIM cards using an easy and powerful web-based management tool, with SIM travel SIMulation, easy deployment and administration of GSM gateways, web-based dashboard, SIM Racks, and GSM devices and connectivity. This complete package has been massively adopted worldwide by ITSPs to provide quality mobile termination solutions.

iQsim: the market leader for virtual SIM card technology

The follow-up to iQsim’s flagship IRON Suite was launched in March 2010, and is a scalable software platform that enables service providers to manage telecommunications operations efficiently. Providing VoIP to GSM gateway solutions using a virtual SIM platform and a VoIP GSM adapter, iQsim’s innovative software was recently awarded the Prix de l’Innovation TIC PACA 2009 for the R&D project with the best ROI.

Author: Gilbert Tan TS

IT expert with more than 20 years experience in Apple, Andriod and Windows PC. Interests include hardware and software, Internet and multimedia. An experienced Real Estate agent, Insurance agent, and a Futures trader.

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