She will die before LKY and no-one will bury her

She will die before LKY and no-one will bury her

1) My Mom is linked to LKY’s Lee, Tay and Lim Family.
2) My ex-wife family are distant relatives of LKY.
3) That is the reason why my mom can get so many people to attack, control me.
4) That is the reason why the Singapore and US government is involved.
5) There is no way anyone can control me.
6) I will never give in to my family.
7) I will disown everyone in my family.
8) I am capable of achieving anything on my own without my family.

I accused my mom of masterminding everything, as I can easily read all her intentions
1) To prevent me from leaving Singapore.
2) To prevent me from getting an income by messing with my bank account.
3) To prevent me from selling any of my inventions as I am not able to enforce copyright on my websites.
4) She collaborated with everyone, Government of Singapore and US to give me hardship with so many problems so that she could steal and rob me.
5) She try to show everyone I am a bum and a mentally retarded person but I have proven otherwise. It took me more than 10 years of every night’s work to achieve it.
6) There were so many incidents where all of my work, money and success were taken away from me. I now want compensation and revenge.
7) She is afraid I get married so my wife will get all my inheritence so she also meddle with my love life.
8) Everything in my life she wants total control so she controls all my money, but is she capable?NO, I am 1000 times more capable and smarter than her. Money she stole from me can only create even more corruption, everyone will also rob her.
9) I am even smarter, without any rewards I will lock everything up forever.
10)Nothing I will leave for my family, everything I donate to the United Nation, 100% of my inheritence.

I hate it when the government tries to be funny to brainwash security sensitive personnel who are exposed to technologies that can commit fraud, I am already an expert in everything, and I do not believe in ethical hacking, I can create so much money there is no need for me to commit crime, stop all nonsense or I will create more nonsense for everybody. Brainwashing does not work on me. Now I want compensation and damages for all my sufferings.
I have made 3 police reports on the mistreatment by my mom who abuse me and I have already sealed the case to disown my entire family for robbing me of my success and trying to control my money and everything. I will drag their reputation through the mud as I will not conform to anything.
There is nothing good she does without benefits. I caught her taking money from a stall holder in changi village, and also from a software programmer with two nightclub girls at macdonalds in the middle of the night celebrating after stealing from my inventions. She will ask you to be at some place to show your face so that she can get money from the owner, she is living off me and try to prove to me she can make money, even my doctor I see she wants to make money, and get free treatment for lasik eye surgery, SHIT AND FUCK HER! I really don’t give a damn if anybody makes money from my websites, but if you think you can control me or control my income, I will show you how you are going to lose your pants when you challenge me, I will use what you use to run circles round everybody, and nobody still get any results after 100 years.

– Contributed by Oogle.

Author: Gilbert Tan TS

IT expert with more than 20 years experience in Apple, Andriod and Windows PC. Interests include hardware and software, Internet and multimedia. An experienced Real Estate agent, Insurance agent, and a Futures trader.

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