I dare to sue for S$1 Billion damages

Internet like a utility is an essential service
The Govt dare to restrict access, does not provide adequate access, is guilty of human right abuses and I am entitled to damages amounting to at least S$1 billion and I will force all telcos to sell prepaid broadband access.
I will use the same tactics to attack all government officials, even judges and jury and I will screw with police and ISA officials, using sublimal messages to drive everyone insane. Dare to challenge me? I will dare even engage queen council.

Case against Singtel.
Prepaid and postpaid using 019 has great difference for overseas call and Singtel does not provide detailed billing, must pay $5 for copies requested. On top of that Singtel has downloaded software to monitor and control my mobile to gain access to confidential data which lead to meddling on all my works, causing me to lose business and totally cannot work, causing huge losses. If you have applied for a prepaid card, and you use a smartphone, you do not have a 3G plan for surfing the internet, it is default you only get GPRS(2G), and the charges is at a whooping 100K per $1, the internet charges will kill you. I was charged $20 for only a 1MB download at speed of 85k only.
Singtel has told me the default $10 prepaid card is only 2G(GPRS), you need to purchase the $15 prepaid card in order to get 3G, take note of that, I did not see any mention in the packaging.
Not only that, most unlocked 3G modems do not actually get 3G speed but 2G, only approved models of Huawei is able to achieve 3G speed, therefore be very careful which modems you buy from export markets, it might not be
approved by IDA and will not function to it’s full capacity due to network limitations from different countries. The switching between CDMA and HSPA networks for 3G is still not stable, a lot depends on your location.

Case against Starhub
Flexisurf is a free service to access government websites and should not be blocked for all reasons, the internet is an essential service especially to an IT personal who depends on it for his livelyhood.

Case against TTSH
– If the govt accept my conditions, I will drop all charges against TTSH

Case against mom/family
– If the govt accept my conditions, I will drop all charges against my family

Case against Bus driver strike incident/Police brutality
If govt do not drop all charges, I will complain to Amnesty International for human rights abuses. Not only that, I will create very bad publicity for Singapore by seeking political
asylum with China Embassy, and permanently leave Singapore, bring all my projects to china.

Solve all my problems including my bankruptcy and drop all charges against the china bus drivers.

I do not need publicity and will not be interviewed, I am just enforcing my rights as a Singapore citizen and do not want to cause mayhem, it is up to the govt to decide what they want the outcome to be.

Addressed to : Mr Edwin Tong, MP for Moulmein-Kallang
Cc to : My Lawyer Mr Ravi

– Contributed by Oogle

Author: Gilbert Tan TS

IT expert with more than 20 years experience in Multiple OS, Security, Data & Internet , Interests include AI and Big Data, Internet and multimedia. An experienced Real Estate agent, Insurance agent, and a Futures trader. I am capable of finding any answers in the world you want as long as there are reports available online for me to do my own research to bring you closest to all the unsolved mysteries in this world, because I can find all the paths to the Truth, and what the Future holds. All I need is to observe, test and probe to research on anything I want, what you need to do will take months to achieve, all I need is a few hours.​

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