Many attempts has been made on my life

First it was a famous car accident at Braddel Rd in 1987 where my good friend, Raymond Pek(son of Micheal Pek PAP’s secretary) died where I had just dropped off prior to the accident. Next I took an overdose of panadol and was warded at the old changi hospital after my gf left me. Two other occasions I was poisoned and was hearing voices when I commited suicide and developed schizophrenia. Prior to that I was at a karaoke in Pearl centre and I had sex with a vietnamese worker there and I saw her putting something in her virgina. Another time I got hep B from another worker at geylang. Everything is planned beforehand to destroy my marriage and make me a bankrupt even though I was making good income. The loan I got from OCBC Bank is only $20K with a $10K overdraft facility but when the papers come it was inflated by another $10K, and my good friend cheated all my money by taking money without completing my project. Whatever good income I make was taken away. There are so many incidents of people attacking me up to now, people even schemed to get girls from a syndicate in malaysia and loansharks to come and cheat my money but they got nothing. I developed diabetes and a doctor screw my operation in TTSH but now I do not need any medication after I got no money to get any medication by controlling my diet. All these tactics are used by CIA to destroy your career, your family, let you go crazy without sex, and drive you until you go into IMH, give you wrong medication so you become useless and meddle until you got no money so you will not be a threat at all. I did so much research and because of repeated attacks I manage to become immuned to all attacks and developed my own countermeasures, learning everything about their secret technologies which no one knew and re-write everything so that there will be no way anyone can fool around again. My mobile is tracked and monitored including my internet connection and everybody wants to steal all my inventions, now why did HP-Antonomy write off more than US$8 billions after buying over Antonomy? All these years Microsoft attack me but I found every single one of their secrets, where the CIA purposely use flaws in software to steal everyone ideas. I got so much evidence now there is no way anyone can refute my evidence. Even my own family attack me due to the huge money involved. Everybody is trying to prevent me for leaving Singapore to go China. Now I want revenge. Imagine, all these is happening in Singapore and I now know every single secrets of all the tactics the government use to control and meddle with people(talk about abuses in human rights), nobody I will trust and corruption is everywhere. PAP you can forget about Punggol East, nobody trust you when you rejected all financing for my projects and get so many people to give me problems. Now if I do not get asylum you can bet on the repercussion.

– Contributed by Oogle.

Author: Gilbert Tan TS

IT expert with more than 20 years experience in Apple, Andriod and Windows PC. Interests include hardware and software, Internet and multimedia. An experienced Real Estate agent, Insurance agent, and a Futures trader.

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