Nothing can change what God has planned

My Goals when I get to the UN

1) Make UN totally independent by creating money for IMF/World Bank and transfering all my technologies. I have taken consideration of the needs of every country in the UN and if everybody follows my plans, there will be enough money for everything and many centuries with renewals in innovations and technologies, because I already know what will succeed and what will not.

2) Write off US debt(50% first then balance 50% when all conditions are met) if Obama agrees to my conditions, he will have all the money he needs to rebuild the damage by Hurricane Sandy.

3) Give Food Aid to North Korea without strings attached.

4) Remove Nuclear weapons from the entire world. Change the Geneva Convention especially Arm Controls Act relating to weapons that control human beings, those caught meddling will be executed. All communication channels need to be open or trick and control technologies will present a scenerio that is not real, creating mayhem even with the best defence forces. I can use it to trick everybody to make the wrong decisions by meddling with all your detection equipments including radar, weather, gps, gyroscope, visuals, sound & lights, even attacking your own forces without even firing a weapon.

5) UN will have it’s own task force with new equipments and the manpower contribution of it’s members.

6) Fight crime and the removal of secret swiss bank accounts.

7) Eradicate all slums around the world especially near rubbish heaps, where everything is in different stages of development around the world.

8) Concentrate on non-profit especially solving Hunger & Poverty, Diseases and Inequality.

9) Create close to 10 million jobs worldwide for the next few years(about up to 6 million target has been achieved worldwide).

10) Revamp education for life long learning by funding new projects(need to get into office to implement plans).

11) Project Smart Homes with Solar, Wind Energy with Power Grids and Next Gen Cell Technologies and Internet. I will trial run technologies to meet my targets so when it is mature, I will partner with other firms to mass produce to lower the costs of technologies and bring it to the masses, typically a smart home should not exceed 100% the costs of a traditional home including all green technologies. I will deploy huge backup portable generators that can supply electricity to entire block of flats in case of a power failure. Even if China wants to move mountains, change the landscape, change the entire eco-system and create a mega-city out of no-man’s land, I am the only person who can achieve everything with my technologies.

PS : God has decreed that I must not meddle with any country’s politics, nor take up any private holdings, no house, no car, no directorship until I get to the UN and surrender the inventions due to the UN, I can work to earn my keep, be an adviser or a consultant, because everybody will be afraid I takeover their business, and when I reach UN, whatever UN or people give me then I can keep, even when I get there it is based on the same rules, I will not hold a decision making role, maybe an independent director without voting powers as an adviser or consultant, concentrate on research to bring to life all my inventions, and non-profit will be my destiny. Everyone knows I cannot live without a companion but it will be my destiny to get a hundredfold more when I achieve my mission, and I will have no problem with money then. You tell me what God says I dare to disagree? So I will walk along this fine line because I cannot afford to make even a mistake.

– Contributed by Oogle.

Author: Gilbert Tan TS

IT expert with more than 20 years experience in Apple, Andriod and Windows PC. Interests include hardware and software, Internet and multimedia. An experienced Real Estate agent, Insurance agent, and a Futures trader.

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