Me against the entire world

A clear direction will only emerge after March 2013, and if US still wants to fool around with me, say bye bye to US debt, everything will fall like a big drain of no return. Trillions of US dollars will be wipe off the US financial markets, and the rest of the world will also suffer, because US still wants to dominate the entire world, and they will have to pay the price. The price of spreading evil and corruption. Singapore’s inflation is now about 9% and will rise to 16%, the government do not dare to tell you and will face the worst recession ever. It’s 4 weeks prior to Chinese New Year and yes, everything went up already. What you can afford to shop, better shop now instead of the last week close to CNY. Want to save money, better book your restuarants early or there will be a price increase soon. By then, however expensive also got no place for you to dine. What you can only afford is steamboat, everything else especially cny goodies are very expensive, especially bak kwa, seafood, suckling pig etc. I already told everyone, nobody can afford to celebrate CNY except the very rich….. Everyone who fools around with me will suffer, and China will only be left with 1/3 of their present holdings when this happens. It will be even worse than the great depression, there will be sky high inflation where money becomes banana currency, and famine everywhere when there is not enough resources to feed the entire world. This will teach everyone to fool around with God’s plan and try to rob and steal. A global calamity will start the ball rolling, and countdown has already began. Nobody will celebrate Chinese New Year this year, when this happens. Then everything that is written in the bible will come true, and the AntiChrist will make hell for everyone. Before the AntiChrist comes two prophets will come and prophesise a lot of things that will condemn the evil of the entire world, and they will be killed, setting the stage for the worst punishment of mankind. Then at the last minute before a world nuclear war, Jesus will come back to destroy all the evil people and save the last group of his promised people, but not many will be left, even less than 10,000 and the balance 144,000 will already be martyred. 

“I come to bring a carrot but if the world chose a stick” I cannot comment, but I am not the judge and jury, HE who comes after me will be both KING and JUDGE & JURY, and nobody can run away from judgement day. So what if I have schizophrenia and is the only person in the world who is thought broadcasting and has ESP, my mom ask so many people to challenge me and experiment with me, meddle with my work so I got no money and try to jail me at home, scared if I got money people will rob me, but fact is I have the uncanning ability to make lots of money and make a hell lot of inventions that will make trillions of dollars, and everyone is fooling around with my inventions and my money, meddle with all my girlfriends and do not allow me to have sex or get married, if this is the way to treat a mental patient nobody in the world can afford to pay damages to me. I will raise to the highest position in the UN and I want all governments to compensate me for all the mistreatment I get, I will go on a rampage and nobody can control me. I have found enlightenment and solved all the problems of this world, if everyone irritates me, I will find my own way to Heaven and disappear forever.

– Contributed by Oogle.

Author: Gilbert Tan TS

IT expert with more than 20 years experience in Apple, Andriod and Windows PC. Interests include hardware and software, Internet and multimedia. An experienced Real Estate agent, Insurance agent, and a Futures trader.

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