IPTO mess with my Bank, Paypal account

My bankruptcy is caused, the most I owe OCBC bank is between $25K-$30K maximum, now the government wants to play dirty by asking IPTO to meddle with my income and stop all my money from my paypal and bank account which could amount to hundreds of billions in investments, stop me from registering my patents and trying to steal all my secrets. They will get nothing because nobody has all the answers nor the solutons to create a perfect product and technology.
– Contributed by Oogle.

Why the government is playing a dangerous game with population demographics

Why the government is playing a dangerous game with populationdemographics

1) HDB ethic quota. In the past, religion ethic quota ensures that there is a good distribution of different ethic groups in each block of flats but now have changed.
2) Type of flats in HDB estates. HDB is building more and more bigger flats in new towns and it is the affordability issue for purchasers, setting the stage for separation between the haves and haves not.
3) Do you think HDB is having double standards? Yes, because of the above issue, and the situation will only get worse.
4) The reason why HDB flat prices will not fall. Please check my previous posts on “Failed PAP policies”.
5) Future generations of Haves and Haves-not. Because of inequality in income distribution, there will be areas of those who are classified as “haves” and those who “haves-not”, and will create social tension in the society of Singapore, causing social unrest.
6) HDB should be building new 3/2 rms flats to cater to the low income and singles again but are they doing that? And these flats should be heavily subsidised to give the poor a chance to upgrade themselves since they talk so much about wealth creation.
7) 6.9 million people by 2030. Without solving all the problems of immigration, foreigners and Singaporean’s salary, transport, housing, healthcare and old age, the government is creating a big mess for the next generation of leaders to clean up, and there will never be a solution, because by then there will be no money left.
8) One of PAP greatest mistake is promising people to build the mrt within 200 metres of your home, you need all types of transport to fulfill different needs, and trying to achieve that is near impossible unless you want to throw away S$100 billion like throwing S$18 billion on Thomson Line, they think the COE income is forever, and they will lose all Singaporean’s money.

– Contributed by Oogle.

Nothing is impossible for me


As you can see from my previous articles, you need to be able to identify these factors, there is no secrets for me to achieve the impossible if you understand how;
1) Goals. You need to first identify your goals.
2) Then break it down to Tasks you need to do to achieve your goals. 
Example you may have one Goal but twenty Tasks to complete everyone or you can never reach your goal, it sometime may be difficult to identify all your Tasks, but without a complete picture, you will not achieve anything.
3) Based on your Tasks you need to set priority, and after priority you need to match with your limited resources. Use what resources first to solve the most important tasks, especially if it affects your bottom line. Remember you need to cross the bridge or you will never get to the other side, so planning for success is the ability to use limited resources to solve all the Tasks to reach your Goals, if you cannot complete the picture, you will never achieve anything.
4) For economic problems you cannot afford to solve one problem and expect the other problems to solve itself, you need to understand the big picture and solve all problems together, I believe in playing with demand/supply and let the market adjust itself, not in direct intervention which may solve one problem but create more problems.
5) It is the same picture for my prediction analysis, I can accurately determine the future of anything I want because I can determine all the factors that can affect the future, and I am able to predict what will succeed and what will not, and I “interfere” for my success, so there is no tasks I cannot achieve, it is simply planning in great detailed, and making sure the factors will occur accurately with risk analysis.
– Contributed by Oogle.

If I can determine Real Demand who is worried about Supply/Investments

If I can determine Real Demand who is worried about Supply/Investments

Residents of Punggol East, at the Meet the People session of Worker’s Party on 4th February 2013 at 7.30pm, please raise all you concerns to your MP, especially these information;
a) If you require childcare, please provide these info:
How many children in your family require childcare?
What are their ages?
What is the affordable fees are you willing to pay?
How far are you willing to travel to your childcare centre?
b) How many members are there in your family?
What mode of transport do you take? Bus/MRT/Taxi/Car?
How frequent do you travel?
What is your travelling patterns including your family?
c) How many members are there in your family?
How often do you eat outside?
What type of food do you normally take?
How much do you often spent on a meal?
How often do you go and buy groceries?
How much do you spent on a trip?
What do you want to see in your neighbourhood?
A coffeeshop? A wet market? Or a Food centre?

Once you are able to complete the survey, WP’s MP could then accurately determine the demand, it is no point complaining about poor amenities without proof, once demand is acurately determined, it will be easy to ensure Supply and investments.

– Contributed by Oogle.

Starhub try to steal my secrets, and the government give me lots of problems, will I remain in Singapore?

My starhub connection is blocked and even I have access, it is an internal network with cached server and outside access is through a tunnel and everything is filtered and censored. Prior to that M1 terminated my cable broadband because I was 2 days late for payment, and it is a deliberate plan to force me to use my Flexisurf account from Starhub to do testing, where they are both using the same access server technologies. Starhub therefore fool around my connections everyday by changing configurations and try to block my access, to test all my knowledge to implement their own solution, and steal my secrets. Well on 1st of January they implemented their access server using certificates and token access, and it is binded to your modem mac ID, so they can restrict your access anytime. But this is a third class technology, where cable modems will have no value for reuse, and you cannot share your connection and have to connect direct, because once your monitor goes to sleep it will terminate your connection to save bandwidth, and starhub is trying to sell this solution to M1, a third class connection which no-one wants to use. You tell me therefore, am I entitled to damages? Do you think I am stupid enough to pay for my internet connection when both companies is not providing a service but trying to steal secrets? Will you use Starhub and M1 cable broadband when you learn the truth? I rather use a private ISP.
Aztech tried to find out my technologies by logging everything I do on my router, and once the firmware is full, the router cannot save any configuration, but since they are willing to upgrade my router for free, I do not mind and have no complain at all. Even Singtel logs all my activities, but they do not meddle with my connection, and when I am being attacked on the Internet, they setup a VPN connection for me, by and far Singtel has the most stable DSL connection, other than that is Fibre, forget about using cable, it sucks big time especially if the government is involved. You tell me, will I want to remain in Singapore?

– Contributed by Oogle.

After Workers Party, it is Reform Party in GE2016

25th January 2013

SINGAPORE: The Reform Party’s candidate for the Punggol East by-election Kenneth Jeyaretnam has argued for a stronger opposition voice in Parliament and said that he would be “fearless” about demanding transparency from the ruling People’s Action Party (PAP).
In the final rally just before Cooling-off Day, Mr Jeyaretnam hit out at both the PAP and the Workers’ Party (WP). WP is widely seen as the frontrunner among the three opposition parties in the by-election. Other speakers at the rally also spoke about the need for more than just one dominant opposition voice in Parliament.
Mr Jeyaretnam explained why residents should translate their “curiosity” about him, “disenchantment towards the Workers’ Party” and “anger towards the PAP” into votes for the Reform Party.
“I too have questions but I also have a lot of the answers. If you (let) an economist ask these questions, you will finally see what (the) opposition is good for. Believe me, I can outclass our PM or (DPM and Minister for Finance) Tharman in a debate, any day. Which is why the PAP refuses to (have a) debate with me. Only by sending me into Parliament, will we get proper answers,” he said.
Mr Jeyaretnam also questioned the PAP’s policies, including issues such as immigration and the rising cost of living.
He said that as an economist, he has ready policy alternatives.
Mr Jeyaretnam went on to list the various alternative policies the Reform party has proposed – such as giving Singaporeans free pre-school education, universal health care insurance and a reduced duration for National Service.
“I will be fearless (in) demanding transparency and accountability from the PAP, and follow the trail wherever the answers to my questions might lead. Of course I will (also) play a constructive role in Parliament. That is why we have policy alternatives that are better than the PAP’s… The Reform Party will be pro-Singaporean,” he said.
Mr Jeyaretnam added that despite being a new face in the ward, residents have been friendly towards him.
He had previously said that if he were to be elected, he would be a full time MP and move to Punggol East. He also pledged to set aside 10 per cent of his MP allowance for the community.
Mr Jeyaretnam said that he would be prepping his polling and counting agents on Friday’s Cooling-off Day.
– CNA/ir/xq/jc

Failed PAP Policies

Why property prices cannot fall
HDB has been selling land in choice locations where the price has already been fixed at market prices and keeps driving the demand, that is why prices cannot fall.
How to provide affordable flats?
Start building on non choice locations where the market prices has not yet been determined or at a low value by clearing land in forested areas etc, thereforethe prices will automatically fall.
Immigration, do we need so many foreigners?
No, only in certain industry like construction, waste disposal etc others we can use Singaporeans.
Singaporeans should come first for jobs
Make minimum wage compulsory with productivity increases. Foreigners need to also pay CPF to level the playing field. No need for any quota system. Foreigners get paid CPF the same as Singaporeans, only maids, construction workers get paid 50% of their salary in CPF, and all 
foreigners can withdraw their CPF after their contract ends, but will not be paid directly, it will be transferred back to their country’s retirement, healthcare savings plan.
Can we lower the healthcare costs?
Yes, by ensuring insurance companies are efficient by pooling resources and use their free resources to reinvest, whereby lowering the costs of insurance. Second, hospitals
should seperate their services for providing advice and dispensing medication.
It is too technical for the layman and I will provide answers later.
Is the government really helping the poor and the aged?
Look around and you can find the answers, No.
How to solve population growth, caring for the aged?
Through non-profit organisations and the government has not provided enough support.
With the factors above the government’s income will be reduced, but no fear there are so manyways to invest to get a higher rate of return, what matters most is all areas of the economic problems must be addresssed, so that when all problems are solved, the only way then willbe up, a balance of GDP with a goal oriented approach to solve old age, healthcare, retirement, housing, education and population growth.

WP will never be the voice of all opposition and Mr Low of WP better wake up his ideas, he is walking the same path as LKY, that is why I support SPP and RP but not WP, no bite. Chiam See Tong and Kenneth Jeyaretnam will fare even better. AIM issue will not solve the problems of the people, and will not win political votes, WP has been sidetracked by the PAP.
 – Contributed by Oogle