There is no way I will be tricked anymore

Contacted Edwin Tong MP who referred me to Eric Teo (Asst Director – Entreprenuership & Startups) of IDA, submitted my abilities and inventions and awaiting evaluation. I have submitted a proposal for fund raising to James Lim of Salvation Army and rejected my proposal as hogwash. My M1 connection was terminated because I was late by 2 days for payment, the Accounts dept just terminated without giving me notice, and because of late payment of $80, they now want $120 in legal fees, when I sue M1 for corruption, I doubt they can pay me compensation. My Starhub connection is filtered and monitored, everything is cached but I do not get an external connection at all, and is now blocked by Starhub, my Flexisurf a/c has been terminated without migrating my account and I suffer inconvenience and damages, and I want to sue Starhub for S$1 billion, since they so like my secrets, I will refuse to pay a single cent until I get a proper connection. Even my bank account and my paypal has been tempered with, now do you think I trust the governments and any banks in the world? I will only put my own money at the IMF/World Bank and I trust no-one. Stupid attackers uses high technology jamming devices to link to my router’s Mac Address to prevent me from using wireless, but I got so many network connections and routers it is impossible to stop from from accessing the internet.

I am the Seeker of the Truth and I do not conform to anyone, in pursuit of complete knowledge, and have found the Way, if the World rejects me, I would rather be a hermit and leave the World, but the World must pay the price, there will not be an end to poverty and suffering, and everybody will live a lie, never to find the Path forever. Nobody can handle the Truth, but the Truth shall set you free. There is no virgin birth of Jesus, God chose an ordinary man and made him Lord over everybody because He totally submit to God, and the God of Old and New testaments are just two faces of God, likewise Jesus both possess the Spirit of God but an earthly body, He does not need to suffer at all when He is crucified, because He has already travelled to Heaven, likewise there are those few who will not experience death, but will go straight to Heaven, but do you qualify and willing to pay the price? Jesus chose the weak to ridicle the wise, Mary was a prostitude but He made her His companion and closest disciple, there is nothing evil about His holiness, but do not elevate the woman who was taken from a rib of a man, or she will lord over the man. I weld a carrot and a fly swatter, if you are a pest definitely you will not gain anything, otherwise I will lead you to God’s promises, irritate me and I will go directly to Heaven and leave everybody behind. I am the defender of the poor, and I hold the key, nothing in this world I will ever want, not money, not power, not girls, but true peace forever, and in return I will provide prosperity, innovations and technologies, and a true future with a bright prospect and jobs for everyone, and that is the command of my God, a path to the Tree of Life and the rivers of eternal life, to be written in the Book of Life forever.

The Devil (my mom)has taught everybody to try to get commission for helping me, and everybody know it is worth a fortune, but I really don’t give a damn, and I still will not sell anything, even if you approach my son, he cannot do anything about it, let’s see who has the longer patience, everyday everybody will lose millions, I have no obligations to help Singtel, Starhub, OCBC, MRT or NTUC which are my family interests. Everybody is preventing me from registering my patents, make sure I get no money so I cannot leave Singapore. Everything I previously did and own has been taken away by my family thru meddling, so that is the reason I will not settle my bankruptcy with OCBC Bank or pay any fines or my outstanding amount with NTUC Car co-op or settle with GE Capital or Kenso Leasing, and neither any loanshark dares to ask me for money. I already suspect something is not right when I setup G & B Investment PL and my secretary and administrator leak out everything I do and suddenly there is competition everywhere. Even my supplier for suddenly attack me and close shop when the business is profitable and suddenly NTUC also setup shop. Now I want billions in compensation. I really do not give a damn if everyone in the world go against me, those who hold the secrets of the world will also face the same outcome, nobody is fit enough to enjoy God’s secrets to eternal life, because everybody wants a free ride, and I have exposed the greed and corruption in everybody’s heart. Like the monk in the Devil’s Bible I had pledged to redeem myself by using God’s knowledge to put everything right, for the horrible wrong I did to an innocent girl which is the love of my life and I regret until today, if I could go back in time, I will change everything, so I have found the Way and will lift everyone towards the right Path, to solve Poverty, Hunger, Diseases and Inequality for the oppressed, and I never expect anything in return as it is the will of my God, but the devil played tricks with everyone, so I will never put God’s inheritance in the wrong hands, even if I will have to walk away forever and live my life as a hermit.  

Not even my family can handle me, if they still want to play tricks, I will disown everyone. What I say is law, and nobody can overturn it except God. Our God is not a God of mayhem, and I will not allow mischief makers to succeed, the global recovery will come as planned by the end of 2014, but be prepared for a very turbulent ride in January 2013, which will turn the tide in February 2013, and there will not be a collapse of the world financial markets, my advice is stop trying to wait for fool’s grapes to drop from the sky, it never will, go get a job or invest in your own future, which is going to be very bright. The “fiscal cliff” will take it’s toll in January 2013, where US financial markets will hit “rock bottom”, there is no way you can prevent the tsunami from happening, all US technology companies will be targets for takeovers and mergers, and everything will end in February 2013, and there will be at last peace and calm for the global recovery. The real “fiscal cliff” occurs when US has no money to pay for anything. Or will they start to print more money again, causing a collapse of the US dollar?

I hate to do this but I got no choice since everyone like to play games, as I need to protect my own interests. Fool around some more I will not use anybody’s patents and I customised everything myself, even inventing the entire New Gen Internet, everything is going to be so secret nobody will access to my prototype. I cannot create miracles when I do not have funds, resources or prototypes to test and research, neither can I create anything without your input, forget I can create anything out of thin air. I can only be contacted via SMS at (+65)98955446 which is linked to my Skype account, so both ways you can reach me.

I really don’t give a damn about the US$800million that is floating around in 7 countries, my mom who took US$300million in commissions in secret swiss bank accounts, I can afford to write the entire figure off, I know every government is using my money to create jobs and invest in all my projects, but you cannot afford for me to dump my US$1000 trillion in investments, I hate governments who play tricks with me? I am being attacked by so many people who is sent by governments to verify my claims, and God’s destiny cannot be changed, I don’t give a damn about anybody, and try as you may, I still will still marry 100 wives, I have planned everything so there are plenty of jobs for everybody, perfect technology that will guarantee investments, in order for peace to prevail I do not mind suffering, but it will all end soon, there will not be mayhem done by the mischief makers. Everyone from my mom, my aunt, my son, my girlfriend, and even my friends is playing tricks with everyone from Singapore all the way to China and the US, together with Government personnels to get commission from my works but none will succeed, everyone is after fool’s gold, it will go to show how corrupt everybody is. If you have donated money, just to let you know, for more than 10 years up to date, I still never receive a single cent, most likely the money has been diverted, I will lock everything up until I get my way you can bet, because nobody can create so much money I can.

– Contributed by Oogle.

Author: Gilbert Tan TS

IT expert with more than 20 years experience in Apple, Andriod and Windows PC. Interests include hardware and software, Internet and multimedia. An experienced Real Estate agent, Insurance agent, and a Futures trader.

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