Breaking Puzzle Solved : Black Holes are entrance/exit to another Time and Dimension

If my theory is correct, black holes are entrance to another time and dimension, so what you observe and calculate according to applicable laws will not apply, the mass in one dimension is different from the tunnel that is so small like the needle of an eye that can squeeze a camel thru the eye of a needle, no applicable laws can explain this theory, so you need to create new laws based on the breakdown of the spectrum of light, to calculate the exact mass, and the mass that is missing when it travels and reaches thru the centre of the black hole. When conduction was factored in, the X-ray emissions expected from the black hole in the model matched up well with what astronomers actually see. The end result is that the Milky Way’s black hole gobbles up 100 times less material than astronomers had previously predicted because the 99% is spiralled thru the tunnel to travel into another space and dimension. Likewise when a person dies, his spirit(human aura) will have a mass(not dark matter) that cannot be detected, and will travel thru the centre of the galaxy to another dimension thru black holes. Therefore different black holes are entrances to different  dimensions. Time travel is possible but Mankind has not learn how to reassemble the molecules at the end of the Travel The Philadelphia Experiment. UFOs are secret experiments conducted by the US into time travel, they have succeeded to create a window into the future, but not time travel itself. Mind Control and Thought broadcasting is real but a manifestation of the spirit.

But NGC 1277 is stranger still, and could help advance our theories of how black holes evolve in the first place.

“This galaxy seems to be very old,” Dr Van den Bosch said. “So somehow this black hole grew very quickly a long time ago, but since then that galaxy has been sitting there not forming any new stars or anything else.

“We’re trying to figure out how this happens, and we don’t have an answer for that yet. But that’s why it’s cool.”

Why there are no new stars but the mass is so massive is due to the other exit from another black hole, where even if the galaxy is small it has no effect on the massive black hole, you may enter from another black hole that absorbs all mass, it will therefore end up here, this is the characteristics of the exit of a black hole.

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Saturday, Dec 01, 2012

SANTIAGO – US astronomers have detected the most powerful blast from a quasar ever, offering the first proof of important theories about why the universe is shaped the way it is.

The beam of energy, detected by the European Southern Observatory’s Very Large Telescope, based in Chile, was at least five times larger than any observed before.

The new analysis identified a huge flow of energy – 2 trillion times as powerful as the Sun and 400 times more massive – streaming from a quasar known as SDSS J1106+1939.

“I’ve been looking for something like this for a decade,” said lead researcher Nahum Arav, from Virginia Tech University, “so it’s thrilling to finally find one of the monster outflows that have been predicted.”

Quasars are celestial bodies that look like extraordinarily bright stars. But astronomers now believe quasars are not stars at all, and that they draw their power from the enormous black holes at the center of newly forming galaxies.

Because they are so far away – meaning it has taken billions of years for their light to reach even the most powerful telescopes – quasars provide glimpses of the ancient history of the universe.

And while black holes are known for sucking energy in, quasars also take some of the energy around them and shoot it back into the universe at high speed.

Astronomers theorize that these energy flows help explain why there are so few large galaxies and how the mass of a galaxy is linked to its central black hole.

But until now, the powerful beams of energy were merely speculation.

“This is the first time that a quasar outflow has been measured to have the sort of very high energies that are predicted by theory,” Arav said.

Quasar SDSS J1106+1939 had already been identified, but this was the first time its outflow had been accurately measured in great detail.


There are two types of exit from black holes, one is dorment with enormous mass but not visible to the naked eye while the other is located near a quasar where the black hole is, where all materials is spit out back into the galaxy. Why black holes’s exit is dorment or acts like a quasar? I suppose it is due to the different dimension of space and time but I cannot explain why, anybody want to try? The answers can be found in golden ratio of logarithmic spiral, time dilation, half life and 4D where special relativity will not apply when you travel faster than the speed of light. In the Philadelphia Experiment, the laws of special relativity applies because time travel cause dilation and decay, that is the factor why the molecules cannot form back together, causing humans to become embedded on the ship, if we could chart everything from one end to the pin centre and out to the other end in 4D, we may find the reason why with computer simulation. We must look at two different views, where you travel slower than light and the laws of special relativity applies, and when you travel faster than light when there is no formula at present. An extension to the laws of special relativity?


The black hole puzzle solved
One Dimension leads to the past and future Dimension
Light and matter spiral towards the centre where it is compressed until forces concentrate towards the eye of a needle, and is being forced thru towards another dimension, which time dimension depends on if it is faster than light or slower than light, when it is slower than light, it will dilate and decay, maybe move into another dimension which is the past, from when the dimension it enters, and if it is faster than light, it will be narrowed and concentrated and will split out everything in it’s beam, forming a quaser like output into the future. You need to differentiate space/time in a vacuum, dark matter, faster or slower than light, time dilation and decay,  and gravity of subatomic particles before you can merge the theory of everything, and harvest nuclear fusion energy.

In 1997, Juan Maldacena noted that the low energy excitations of a theory near a black hole consist of objects close to the horizon, which for extreme charged black holes looks like an anti de Sitter space. He noted that in this limit the gauge theory describes the string excitations near the branes. So he hypothesized that string theory on a near-horizon extreme-charged black-hole geometry, an anti-deSitter space times a sphere with flux, is equally well described by the low-energy limiting gauge theory, the N=4 supersymmetricYang-Mills theory. This hypothesis, which is called the AdS/CFT correspondence, was further developed by Steven GubserIgor Klebanov and Alexander Polyakov, and by Edward Witten, and it is now well-accepted. It is a concrete realization of the holographic principle, which has far-reaching implications for black holeslocality and information in physics, as well as the nature of the gravitational interaction. Through this relationship, string theory has been shown to be related to gauge theories like quantum chromodynamics and this has led to more quantitative understanding of the behavior of hadrons, bringing string theory back to its roots.

Author: Gilbert Tan TS

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