Play some more games and I will not pay my bills

I am not going to pay my bills in protest

My debts are only a few hundred, and because of all this nonsense, I am not going to pay my bill of HDB $611.00, Town Council $54.05, and PUB $310.59 to protest against this “special treatment”. Everything is caused, so I am in no obligation to resolve anything, you can cut my electricity and water, reposesss my rental flat and I will not give a damn, because the greatest loser is not me but everyone who chose to play games with me. Fool around some more and I will pack my bags and leave overseas, where I can easily find others who will treasure my works. I will never stoop to such a level to beg from CDC, I do not need handouts and will never apply for one.

God has already warned me, UN has more than 100 member states all warring for their own interests, and if the money is in my hands, there will be so many problems caused by people fighting for money that everything will come to standstill, but I am above everything, I will be able to lead a private life without everybody’s nonsense, because I will have to work for my money, and the billions created will be directly in World Bank and IMF’s coffers, and I do not have to worry about anything. And I will reach all my goals.

My mom has terminated my internet access with Singtel, but I have many other connections, my aunt whom I try to contact last month only now reply me, she promised to help me after she move to her new place from 7th June onwards(she only wants the contact of my patent lawyer), my wife refuses to come from china unless I pay all her expenses when she can easily afford to do it herself, I know all the girls around me are under my family’s payroll, everyone is secretly paying off my family members for the work I do, that is why I got no money, money which is supposed to complete God’s work, but you see, even the US government has changed the patent rules today from the news of Kodak against Apple, everyone is still trying to play games, I will refuse to produce anything for my family, and nobody gets any benefits, then we shall see what happens next. My family is telling everyone I have schizophrenia and wants to control everything in my life, but I know everything and I am not insane, I have been suffering in silence for more than 10 years, now everybody knows the truth, I can easily manage my own affairs, and I am not a bum, I can easily make enough to have a very comfortable life. Even the police do not dare to touch me, much less any doctors, what I say will be done, and nobody dares to say I am crazy.

You can filter all my calls and emails, monitor my internet connections, try to monitor everything I do including which TV program I watch, track me by my mobile, but if I want to disappear, nobody can stop me, and I will play a cat and mouse game with everyone. All my works have been leaked to create millions for a bunch of people, I am not stupid, I know everything in this world, I will give when I want to, and will lock up forever what I do not want to give, and nobody can do anything about it, you can all play technology games with me, but you will never win.

I am the Law, I am the Judge and Jury, play games and challenge me, then be prepared to pay the ultimate price when you lose, I will make sure everyone pay the penalty.

– Contributed by Oogle.

Author: Gilbert Tan TS

IT expert with more than 20 years experience in Apple, Andriod and Windows PC. Interests include hardware and software, Internet and multimedia. An experienced Real Estate agent, Insurance agent, and a Futures trader.

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