My Review – Ainol Novo 7 Paladin

The Ainol Novo 7 Paladin (also the name as ainol novo 7 4.0.1 ) is the first android tablet pc support the latest google android 4.0.1 Ice Cream Sandwich. It is amongst the cheapest andriod tablet around and is good value for money if you require an extension of your PC. A vast improvement is the Ainol Nova 7 Aurora II.
Software – Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.1 performs without any issue, but sadly to say, hardware still has limitations. 
1) Battery issues where a full charge will sometimes discharge quickly and the usb interface sometimes will not charge properly.
2) Sound cannot even beat a normal mobile phone in output, with earphones it is even worst.
1) Cannot install Flash player so you cannot watch video on websites eg YouTube. But most chinese websites do not use flash player but others, so it is not an issue.
2) A lot of apps cannot be installed due to compatibility issues eg Skype, Facebook, etc. The problem exists for the english version but not for the chinese version eg QQ, Weibo.

AINOL must concentrate more on refining the OS to ensure all software issues are resolved. I suspect the non compatibility issue has nothing to do with hardware as the problem extend to most of all it’s tablets, Ainol must pay android developers to ensure it’s hardware has been tested and compliant with software especially english apps. As the product is sold mainly in China, most of the apps are in chinese, which is a problem for the english educated.
I think it is time to go back to the drawing board to redesign your software with Google so that Google’s marketplace contains app that run smoothly for the english version since you are selling your tablets worldwide, nobody will spend on a product that does not run it’s software properly, and it reflects poorly on Google’s Android, price is a consideration, I would rather pay more for a more refined product. 
P/S : I am capable of porting all the english apps to include ainol tablet devices so that all your english apps can be installed without compatibility issues. We are currently experimenting with softwares to resolve all these issues so that a low cost tablet can even compete with iPad in terms of functionality. The above tablet is great value as an extension of the desktop as I can download and transfer video and music to the tablet and use it for presentation without any issue, just cannot view it on websites due to the browser plug-in of flash player does not run properly.
My requirements for the low cost tablet I want to sell;
Hardware – Ainol Nova 7 Aurora II
Software – Android ICS 4.1 bundled with all softwares running perfectly.
– Contributed by Oogle. 

Author: Gilbert Tan TS

IT expert with more than 20 years experience in Apple, Andriod and Windows PC. Interests include hardware and software, Internet and multimedia. An experienced Real Estate agent, Insurance agent, and a Futures trader.

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