Insulin can prevent complications from Type 2 diabetes

Updated 10:23 AM May 07, 2012
NEW YORK – A study of diabetes in overweight and obese youngsters bears an ominous warning about future health care trends in the United States. It found that Type 2 diabetes, a new scourge among young people, progresses faster and is harder to treat in youngsters than in adults. The toll on their health as they grow older could be devastating.
These findings provide more evidence of why the country must get the obesity epidemic under control to improve health and to curb soaring health care costs.
Only two decades ago Type 2 diabetes was called “adult-onset diabetes” because it was seldom found in young people, who suffered primarily from Type 1, in which the patient’s immune system destroys cells that make insulin, a hormone needed to control blood sugar levels. Type 2, thought to be brought on by obesity and inactivity in many people, has increased alarmingly and accounts for almost a fifth of newly diagnosed cases in young people.
Obesity increases the risk of many chronic diseases. And some 17 per cent of American children from age 2 to 19 are now considered obese, roughly half the rate of obesity among adults.
The new study, published in The New England Journal of Medicine, tested three ways to attain durable control of blood sugar in youngsters between the ages of 10 and 17. None worked very well. Almost half of the 699 youngsters had to add daily shots of insulin within a few years to lower their blood sugar.
Metformin, the standard drug used to treat Type 2 diabetes in children, failed to control blood sugar in more than half of the children. When life-style changes, including one-on-one counselling on how to lead a healthy life, were added to metformin, the results were only marginally better.
When a second drug was added, the results were significantly better. But the two-drug treatment still failed in 39 per cent of the recipients, and the added drug, Avandia, has been linked to heart attacks and strokes in adults.
The findings are especially ominous because poorly controlled diabetes can lead to heart disease, stroke, blindness, amputations, and kidney failure. The longer one has the disease, the greater the risk, so the fact that children are starting so young bodes ill for their futures.
Some experts suggest that young patients at risk of diabetes need to be detected earlier and treated more aggressively. But the long-term goal should be prevention of obesity and of diabetes. THE NEW YORK TIMES

GlucoTranz, A Groundbreaking Diabetes Treatment
Professor Zhang Shubin states, “The reason why a healthy person can eat and drink without worrying about high blood glucose is because his body can swiftly metabolize the blood glucose into energy! The human body is capable of breaking down blood glucose, enabling it to convert energy from sugars obtained during a meal. Type II diabetes patients have functioning pancreas that secrete insulin, but in lesser quantities and with slower responses from the relevant receptors, causing insulin resistance – a result of the obstruction of nerve signaling pathways from the pancreas. To mediate the signaling pathways, stimulate the relevant organs and to recover blood glucose metabolism capability, we have to target the Yongquan acupoint at the soles of the feet. Based on the results of thousands of experiments, the Yongquan acupoint has a nerve that is directly connected to the pancreas, and the Yongquan acupoint shall prove to be the lifesaving acupoint for diabetic patients and a major acupoint for longevity.” ————————————————————————————————
Complications from Type 2 diabetes is not easy to control
“The findings are especially ominous because poorly controlled diabetes can lead to heart disease, stroke, blindness, amputations, and kidney failure. The longer one has the disease, the greater the risk, so the fact that children are starting so young bodes ill for their futures.”
A very strict balanced diet without starch(rice) with plenty of vegge with regular exercise to burn off excess sugar if you take any and plenty of water intake (excessive thirst might indicate you will need insulin to control your blood/sugar in your blood, sensitive tingling on your foot is also not a good sign) might reduce the risks associated with Type 2 diabetes but it will not take away the risks of complications, even with proper medication, as the regular use of Metformin will have side effects like erectile dysfuntion, and it might not totally control your blood/sugar level, direct insulin injection is a better bet. Never try this without proper doctor’s supervision as you do not know the consequences as I am an expert and I know my own vital signs, when to use diet or when to take medication to control my own blood/sugar. Diabetes is a slow killing disease that will show up in other parts of your organs if your blood/sugar is not controlled over a period of months, not days, do not test your own body limits like I do or you will be responsible for your own damage. If I do not take medication, I can use more than 10 litres intake of water every hour for a day to control my blood/sugar, do not try this yourself. With insulin, I get back my normal sex life without viagra within 3 months of injections without complications caused by the diease. I am telling you from more than 7 years of experience of experimenting with the diease to find a cure for myself.
Ever read about the above article? Anyone has tried it with any success?
– Contributed by Oogle.

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