No celebration for National day due to so many unresolved issues

By Sorisori From AsiaOne Forums
Dated 25/7/2012

Come August 9 this National Day, what do you celebrate? While the SAF showed off their latest firepower they shopped with a $12.28 billion Budget at the expense of healthcare and welfare, what do you celebrate? While you watch the montage of how the PAP government claiming every credits to your fellow true blue Singaporean’s hard work, what do you celebrate? Or tell me simply, when you hang your flag outside your unaffordable home, what do you celebrate?
We have come to a time where the feeling of resentment against the system has never been so justified, and where such resultant act could be so bitter-sweet. For we love the country and we want to make the best of it, but the balance today has now been so heavily tilted in their favor, that only the growth of extremes could right the pivot. Rising anti-foreigners sentiments, or specifically anti-PAP sentiments, is the right clenched fist on the chest in practise. Only Singaporeans who have the Singapore Pledge ingrained in them understand why resistance to anti-Singaporean policies must be upheld and kept strong. We must not allow the PAP and their dogs [Link]to taint our National Day. Singapore did not become independent because of dog-mentality like theirs, and neither should Singaporeans today allow our country to continue to be flooded by foreigners at the expenses of our people.
This year’s National Day is a sham, it is no longer celebrated by Singaporeans from all walks of life. Neither will it be a good education material for our youngs. Singapore is no longer the country that our fond memories told us how it should be. Foreigners have invaded this country, put Singaporeans out of jobs, priced Singaporeans out of their creature comforts, robbed Singaporeans student’s of their education opportunities, ruined the Singaporean culture of peace and humility, made Singapore the most family-unfriendly nation and literally crowding Singaporeans out of this land we call home. What is there to celebrate this National Day?
This system the PAP has created, divided our nationality, caused adverse extremes between the rich and the poor, questioned the judiciary fairness and simply opened a pandora box where the influx of demons could no longer be contained. They made resistance futile with numerous shackles in the name of CPF, NS, HDB and the repression of education. This PAP system fully reeking of authoratarism, along with the people however self-proclaimed innocent they are in it, has masked too much putting too many assets of the people at risk [Link].
Ask the elderly tissue touters on the streets if they love Singapore, and, sadly, looking at how the PAP have punished these kind-hearted souls for giving their life to this country, most still say they do. However the PAP has become a shameless bully leeching, exploiting and literally trampling on the rights of the weak and helpless to achieve the paper growth which surprisingly translates to asking the average Singaporeans to accept higher inflation [Link], accept lower wages [Link], accept sending your mothers to JB [Link], accept more foreigners [Link], accept depressed CPF interest rates [Link], accept a preferential policy that penalizes the poor to make way for the rich [Link], accept an already-out-of-reach higher HDB prices [Link], accept a pro-foreigner policy that penalizes our mothers-to-be [Link], accept a lower standard of living, accept a relatively extended enslaving conscript system for our men while foreigners leeched and prospers from the security we gave them, or simply accept to bite more bullets.
How could we Singaporeans accept this National Day to be a celebration of PAP’s absolution of their governance responsibilities and sheer incompetence to simply provide for its people?
Our values on our Singapore flag have all been compromised and I want no part in this traitorous act. I will not hang the Singapore flag. This country has truly gone to the dogs.

Alex Tan

Author: Gilbert Tan TS

IT expert with more than 20 years experience in Apple, Andriod and Windows PC. Interests include hardware and software, Internet and multimedia. An experienced Real Estate agent, Insurance agent, and a Futures trader.

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