How do you know the killers are from Assad?

“Residents from neighbouring villages came to speak to us, but none of them were witness to the killings on Wednesday,” Ms Ghosheh said. “The circumstances surrounding this incident are yet not clear, and we have not yet been able to verify the numbers.”

These killers want publicity and international action to attack Assad but without determining who are the killers, can we blame Assad? – Contributed by Oogle.

Updated 11:51 AM Jun 10, 2012
DAMASCUS – United Nations’ observers reached the site of an alleged massacre in Syria, where they found evidence of killings in a now-abandoned farming village set amid cornfields.
“We found burned homes, and at least one burnt with bodies inside – there was a heavy stench of burned flesh,” Ms Sausan Ghosheh, spokeswoman for the UN observers, said in her account posted yesterday on the mission’s website.
The group of 25 UN observers reached the township mid- afternoon yesterday, after having been obstructed by the Syrian Army and small-arms fire, she said. A BBC reporter described a “remarkably appalling scene” of burned homes containing pools of blood and bits of human flesh.
BBC correspondent Paul Danahar, who was travelling with the UN observers, said it was unclear what happened to the bodies of as many as 78 people that opposition activists said were killed in the village of Mazraat Al Qubair. A man from a neighbouring village said a pickup truck arrived after the killings and took bodies away, Mr Danahar said in an audio report posted today on the BBC website.
More than half of those killed in the village, in Hama province, were women and children, with some dying during army shelling and others burned or stabbed by pro-government shabiha militiamen who arrived an hour later, the opposition Syrian National Council said June 7 in a statement on Facebook. Syrian state television denied that and blamed “terrorists” for any atrocities.
“Residents from neighbouring villages came to speak to us, but none of them were witness to the killings on Wednesday,” Ms Ghosheh said. “The circumstances surrounding this incident are yet not clear, and we have not yet been able to verify the numbers.”
The Qubair attack follows the massacre of 108 people, including 49 children, in Houla May 25 in one of the worst atrocities of the 15-month uprising against President Bashar Al Assad’s government. Syria also denied responsibility for the Houla killings, accusing rebel fighters of carrying them out to cause the collapse of a peace plan brokered by Mr Kofi Annan, the United Nations-Arab League special envoy.
About 50 people were killed across Syria yesterday, according to the Local Coordination Committees, an activist group. Seventeen people, most of whom women and children, died from shelling in the city of Daraa, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported today on its Facebook page.
Syrian state television cited an unidentified official as saying “terrorist groups” attacked private and public institutions in the coastal city of Latakia. Three people were also killed in a car bomb in the outskirts of Damascus, it said.
Mr Annan warned at the UN on June 7 that Syria was headed toward a future of “brutal repression, massacres, sectarian violence and even all-out civil war.” Privately, he told the 15-member Security Council that his efforts to bring about peace can’t be open-ended and international consultations must yield results, according to diplomats who were present and described the remarks on condition of anonymity.
Mr Annan met yesterday in Washington with United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to discuss the outlook for his failing peace plan. Neither commented publicly on the latest killings. BLOOMBERG

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