I run for a crown in heaven

I am here not to be a King. But a servant for all. I run for a crown in heaven. So everything in this world does not matter to me. I will make a difference in your life. I live the Christian Faith. And I follow Jesus ways. Nothing in this world matters. Except following my Lord. Everything in this World I will change. Towards a Perfect Economy. No more poverty, wars and destruction. A world of Peace and Prosperity. Technological advancement and Innovations. Towards an Eternal life. When my Lord comes again. I have always believed in God’s promises, whatever you give you will get many folds in return. It does not matter in this world or the world to come. My God will never forsake his promises.

Contributed by Oogle.


God showed me the future, train me and ask me to solve the World’s problems

I am equipped with a brain that is 10000 times the normal and is even faster than the most advanced quantum computer. God taught me everything and He command me to solve all the problems of the world. I can create an invention every hour and technologies out of this world. I can sample data and create hundreds of view to find any solution you want and know what the results is even without trying the full load. That is my secret of my extraordinary skills. All I need is the internet to watch a video, read a news report or any scientific report and identify the problem. Within 1 hour I can get you any solutions and paths or strategy you need to succeed.

This website(Patreon Website) contains all the knowledge of solving the World’s problems by using Singapore as an example. It also gives you an insight to the world of investments and what the future will be like. You need money to make money and this website does not promote speculation. Neither do we promote quick fixes and get rich quick schemes. There will be Q & A, Discussions, Comments, Video Chats from members to gain future insights on everything to reach the Perfect Economy. Every single one of my websites are different and there will not be duplication in knowledge.

The New Economy – The Perfect Economy https://www.theneweconomysg.com

The New Economy – The Perfect Economy Podcast https://www.buzzsprout.com/270429

God gave me a near impossible task. Other than need to create trillions of dollars with technology and innovations, there will be changes to everything for reforms from the Old economy to the New Economy. I have taken the very first steps to prove what I am saying and show to the World I am able to achieve all God wanted me to do to eradicate poverty. Mark my words and see the results for yourself. It took me more than 7 years of research without getting a single cent to reach where I am today(My Linkedin Profile linkedin.com/in/gilbert-tan-ts) and I am now making everything public as I need every citizens co-operation to make the economy PERFECT again. I will plan, take step by step goals and maximise resources until I reach my final destination. The World does not believe anything I say until they see REAL MONEY. Now is the time I am going to prove them WRONG. The World does not recognise me and I dun care because I do not require FAME. I will raise Billions when I setup my Non Profit(ITforNonProfitsg.org) although it is not for me as I do not need it to live a minimistic lifestyle. The work I am doing already helped millions all around the world when they create variations of my inventions I did not patent cause my intention is to create jobs for everyone by pumping billions of technology into the economy cause I do not want to make slaves out of everyone and if I need help, all I need to do is ASK. I have already achieved all I setup to do. Last goal is to link all the World’s exchanges together using BITCOIN with HFT and Super AI quantum computers and waiting for atomic swaps to be completed. What will be the future? Is it a decentralised exchange or only for contracts and payment? I am setting up my Dream Team and if you think you can contribute drop me a mail. I will make sure it will be worth your while. If you have a need of my expertise and you need help, email admin@geniussolutionssg.com My God taught me all will be done in according to his will and we just have to be patient and wait for the right time. Just do everything you need to do and leave the rest to God who will perform his miracle least you think you are doing it with your own ability, let God`s name be EXALTED above all the world. And it will be DONE.


I am the Catalyst

I am the Catalyst

I am the Catalyst, 
Not a destroyer or a raider, 
Not a toppler of governments, 
Nor a seller of secrets, 
Neither a hacker or code breaker, 
But I have developed the tools, 
That will help you find your own future, 
Of your technologies and products/services, 
The solutions of the world, 
Whatever information you provide, 
I will find you the answers, 
And the answers will be as accurate as, 
The information you provide, 
If your information is flawed so will the answers be, 
I have no choice, 
In order to reach my goals, 
I have to step and cross, 
Some unhappy people, 
But there is nothing to fear, 
I do not steal or take, 
Things that do not belong to me, 
If I have borrowed I will return with premiums, 
The results of my studies, 
There is a pie big enough for everyone, 
To compete and share, 
And develop the next generation of technologies, 
To reap what you sow

Strange co-incidents with answers out there

16 questions on Coronavirus for US:

1. Despite many Caucasians being in Wuhan, why did the virus appear only to attack Chinese or those with Chinese blood?
2. Why was the coronavirus first reported outbreak 14 days after 300 US military personnel arrived in Wuhan for the Military World Games on October 19? The incubation period was 14 days.
3. Why did Harvard collect DNA of Chinese people in China a year ago under a research project?
4. Why and how did a shipment of exceptionally virulent viruses from Canada’s NML biological labs end up in China in March 2019?
5. Why did US withdraw or evacuate its embassy workers and staff based in Wuhan immediately after the Military Game in end Oct?
6. Why did the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Predict Up To 65 Million Deaths Via Coronavirus in Sept 2019? Coincidence?
7. The virus resembles virus from a rare South African bat, a cobra and other kind of sea creature. How such a virus end up in Wuhan – South African bat?
8. How did the viruses jump species barriers over 3 animals without human assistance?
9. Why the outbreaks happen after the failure of US’ sponsored attacks in HK and Xinjiang?
10. Why the outbreak happened after some virus attacked the pig and chicken farming in China?
11. Who spread and attacked the pigs in China? Report mentioned a droid was used to spray viruses on the pigs.
12. Why did US immediately start spreading rumours via its media that China stole US’ virus and accidentally leaked it in Wuhan? But the facility in Wuhan is NOT a military or development facility.
13. Why this happened in china when Only US holds the Patent For ‘An Attenuated Coronavirus’ which was Filed In 2015 And Granted In 2018?
14. Why a large number of the initial victims were not related to and never been to the wet market in Wuhan? Was it really the originator?
15. What and why did US bury biohazards containers in the US’ evacuated consulate in Wuhan?
16. Why was US’ leaders, politicians and media immediate reactions and line of questions on China when the outbreak was announced so aligned and similar? Was there already an agreement prior to the outbreak was announced?

Wuhan virus : You only got it half right

If it is in the same family as SARs and it’s transmission is by airdrops, why is the virus can be found in the lungs, blood and stool? If it is like SARS why is Dettol in-effective? Why do I recommend you to immediately burn dead bodies? It is a mutated family of the Ebola virus that has not gone airborne and deadly yet. Use the latest technologies of Laser equipment to see how it mutates and you will know exactly what I mean. From the Africa Congo Ebola outbreak you should adopt the same measures. That is the reason why you cannot trace the latest outbreaks because you are looking at all the wrong places. Raising the DORSCON level does not help solve anything. This strain is totally a new breed never ever seen and it pose a very big threat as nobody knows anything about it. Antiseptics are not effective and the only way to kill the virus is to use heat above 80 degree celcius or boiling water. Contributed by Oogle.

Still living in the 19th century? Singapore needs to move ahead or be left behind


Singapore is a rich country but the people are poor.

Well certainly not the elites but ordinary citizens are relatively poor compared to how rich the country has become.

Why is that?

The Nikkei analysis linked below provides us with an excellent summary of much that ails Singapore. This Nikkei article sets out several policy failures of the PAP Government that have caused several inter-connected problems in Singapore.

This is a standout read that delineates the systemic nature of the problems in Singapore that needs to be addressed. This analysis exposes the PAP Government’s inadequacies.

The PAP is now the longest remaining governing incumbent party in Southeast Asia that is mortally locked in the past unable or unwilling to embrace an alternative and better future for Singapore.

This analysis identifies the ideological basis of the PAP Government’s policies as “shareholder capitalism”; where the State must always profit over its citizens at the end of the day. Neoliberalism or “trickle down economics”. Unbridled state capitalism and greed.

In describing Singapore’s economic model, the Nikkei article states this:

“The economic model, which began as a mixture of socialist nationalism and paternalistic authoritarianism, before veering toward Thatcherite shareholder capitalism in the 1990s, has been much mythologized by free marketeers and aspiring autocrats worldwide.”

In other words, Singapore to me is run like a company and it would appear to me that the Government is more preoccupied with making money from its citizens than working for the welfare of its citizens.

Yeoh Lam Keong Singapore’s preeminent economist was quoted in the Nikkei article explaining the PAP ideology as it applies to HDB pricing policy in the following terms:

“The roots of Singapore’s current problems, Yeoh believes, were planted in the 1990s, when its politics lurched rightward. In line with the prevailing neoliberal thinking, the government moved toward a more market-based approach to the pricing and ownership of HDB flats.”

What we have is a systemic failure and we need to recalibrate the balance between unbridled capitalism and the welfare state or socialism; between profits and people.

Our policy frameworks transfers control of economic factors from the private sector and individuals to the public sector creating the imbalance that need to be fixed.

The PAP Government is a prisoner of its own failed policies and unless we vote for a more compassionate Government in place of the PAP Government, things will get from bad to worse for the ordinary citizen.

Africa will be liberated by God

Muammar Gaddafie the African Arabian Giant / Pan Africanist Union President

What he did and intended to do in Africa for Africa

1. He wanted to setup satellite systems for the entire African continent…. for free, saving Africa the billions of pounds which go to imperialist piggish Europe annually .. rebuilding Africa for Africans was his biggest ambition….

2. He was killed because he, and a few other African leaders were planning to start the 1st central bank of Africa. If this was successful, Africa would have bankrupted the ENTIRE global economic system.

The African dollar would have been backed by its own natural resources which would have made it the most wealthy continent on earth. This was revolutionary. ….. sending the World Bank and its IMF to their deepest hell

3. Libyans didn’t pay taxes, rather received free electricity, free health care, free education from birth to PHD or as far as they wished, free housing for the poor and subsidies on things like food etc. newlyweds received 50 thousand US dollars for a new home, 5 thousand US dollars for new mums and the list of a good deed is endless…

5. Consistently calling for reparations to Africa, freeing Africans from the yoke of imperialism, financially supporting ALL freedom fighters around the world

6. Libya’s foreign debt was at 0.000. they never believed in foreign loans.. a proud Nation
It had more money than its population could use, and had billions stored away around the world.

The Billions stored in Europe and America was and is stolen and squandered by those Satanic imperialist pigs…

These are the true records and hard facts of the one called Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, the proud son of the African soil…

Of whom we paid in kind… watching him being humiliated, sodomized, massacred and killed by the boastful thugs, Obama and Hitlery Clinton, like a wild animal….. being a replay of the death of JFK, Malcolm X….. not forgetting Jesus… and so many others

…..with us raising.. NOT even a whisper…..
rather being terrified, crippled by fear and overwhelmed by cowardism…… ….
we, the so called Facebook activist… shame on us…..

How long shall they kill our God inspired leaders…. while we just stand a side and look on….